Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On May 28th 2011, a certain group of people were handed a very rude lesson in football. The whole world over agrees that in the Champions League Final, Barcelona simply outclassed Machester United in every department of their game. As a matter of interest, I back-traced the reactions of 'Man U' fans through Facebook as the game progressed. Some were extremely optimistic in the 86th minute that their team would turn the tables on Barcelona as they did on Bayern Munich some memorable years back.

In other words, never say die. It is not over UNTIL it is over. Better yet, 'we will comment when the FINAL WHISTLE blows'! I love that tenacious spirit. I love that outlook on things. It is admirable. That is what we are talking about today...the Spirit of Full Time.

Every visionary will agree with me that there comes a time or a season where you do not understand what is going on with your life situations. You are faced with impossibilities. Circumstances around you are way beyond your control. There is close to nothing you can do other than submit, surrender and let the lesson be learnt. I have fondly referred to this season as 'Half Time' in the last several blogs.

A powerful story comes to mind.  The Bible story of Joseph. A dreamer! A Visionary. In fact, one translation of the Bible calls this guy a MASTER DREAMER! Yet, he faced moments that were screaming the exact opposite of his dreams. He dreams of being a mighty leader, yet finds himself serving as a slave, then as a prisoner. A question goes begging...at that moment that the Master Dreamer is a slave, being seduced by the woman of the house, and in prison, is his dream VALID? Does it still sell? Is it still Valuable?

Before we can get an answer to this serious question, we need to consider what a Dream,or a vision is. A dream is in the Infinite. It is in the Invisible. Otherwise, it would never be a dream or a vision. In other words, the physical state of things at the moment might not be a representation of the dream or the vision. It is like a seed. You cannot judge how the seed is germinating by looking at the seeming barrenness of the ground in which it was planted. Invisible to you, the seed is germinating.

Now to the question. At 'half time', is the dream valid? The answer to this question is profound, and it is an emphatic YES! It is only a matter of...FULL TIME. This guy had a 'Full Time' spirit on him. Relentless dreaming. Holding onto that which he believed knowing that though it delays, one day...it shall surely materialize.

Yet the most intriguing thing in that 'half time' season that he went through is the ACCESS he had to government secrets. I am almost sure that his Master had 'meetings' in his house with high ranking officials. They would of course discuss pertinent issues of their government openly...not fearing the slave since to their minds, he will always be a slave.

This is a MAJOR lesson we all need to learn. You might be a 'Slave' at half time...yet a Prime Minister at Full time. That is when the vision speaks of itself. Yet interestingly enough, you have all the options available to you to drop out of the game. This is mostly because you cannot 'see' the way things will change for the better. In fact, for Joseph, it grew from bad to worse. Yet it was in prison that he met the divine connections that linked him straight to the palace.

The tragedy for many people is that they blow their own final whistle of the game. They do not wait for the 'referee' to determine when the FULL TIME is. This is where they rob themselves of what they COULD be, do, or have. They never waited for the full time.
I challenge all the dreamers and Visionaries out there to carry their dreams full term. Never let go. Never say die. Never quit. Do not assess yourself until it is over. My question is...what is your dream? What is your biggest desire and Vision? Leverage the power of full time.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The potter sits in his shop and daily works to create vessels. There is clay in his hand...formless. However he envisions what kind of vessel he wants create. The clay is pliable and can be formed to virtually ANYTHING he wants. He can form a 'vessel of honor', or he can form a 'hidden vessel'. It is all up to him. It is interesting that the clay has no otherwise than to CONFORM to the shape that is being given. Awesome! Can you imagine the POWER? Can you imagine the PRIVILEGE the potter has? The Power to Create. At one point in time, the pliable clay will be fashioned into a vessel...burnt in a furnace and become extremely hard, and Useful.

It has been nearly one week since I reconnected with Thomas my dear friend. Needless to say, that meeting was a trigger for very many things. One of the things I mentioned in earlier posts is that I will be blogging here and using Thomas' words as titles. One blog post we have dealt with has been about HALF TIME. So much has come out of that post that I believe the message needs more refining and repackaging and dissemination. That will come up as a project. Thanks to Rhoda who has contributed two posts on the same. She still has more to say, so we will see how that will come out.

The other thing that caught my attention in my conversation with Thomas was the statement he made: For human beings, Software becomes hardware. Now this is a million dollar statement. Left alone, this statement works in the background of our minds. Harnessed proactively, this statement can cause MAJOR paradigm shifts in the life of a Visionary.

For those who are not techies,  Software is what RUNS the computer. They are basically INSTRUCTIONS that the computer and the USER uses to work. Of course Software CANNOT BE SEEN. It lies beneath. Hardware on the other hand is what we see, feel and touch.

All of us have some kind of 'Software' that operates our very lives. It is this software that will determine the kind of life that we will live. Whether we are Successful, Great, Significant and Wealthy is a function of what 'Software' we are running. This software is what is referred to us MINDSET, MENTALITY, THOUGHTS. Whether you like it or not, you are operating using some kind of software.

In the Computer world, we use the term GIGO to denote, Garbage in, Garbage out. In other words, what you feed is what is produced from the computer. The greatest question a Visionary needs to ask oneself today is "What is the condition of my Hardware?" What have I BECOME? What am I BECOMING? Believe me, we are always in a state of BECOMING, otherwise, we are DEAD. What you are becoming is directly linked to what you BELIEVE. What you believe about yourself is directly linked to what you EXPOSE yourself to.

I know Thomas is doing a series on his blog that is fascinating. Yesterday he dealt with the Issue of Fathers...the Family...how we are raised. This is extremely critical. We are all affected with the way we were raised up. For some people, it could be good news. However for others, it is sadly a traumatizing past. I will not belabour this point, but it amazes me that more than three quarters of my friends have ISSUES with their past...their fathers mostly.

The good news is that you can always issue a different set of instructions to receive a better, expected outcome. This is a GENERATIONAL thing. I need to ask all the visionaries accessing this message today....WHAT CONDITION DO YOU WANT THE NEXT GENERATION TO BE IN? This is as regards Success, Wealth, Significance and Greatness. Once you get an answer to this question, you are set to start gathering the necessary 'SOFTWARE' that will curve out the next generation. For positive change to take place in the next generation, you need to get started NOW. Your Focus needs to be on the next generation now.

The biggest mistake many people make is to 'exist'. They live plan-less lives, only reacting to what life throws at them. Am not saying that if you got plans, life will not throw stuff at you, of course it will. Life is just not fair, plain and simple. However, that doesn't mean that we cannot strategize.
One sad thing about hardware is that it is hard! Once software has become hardware...it takes YEARS of re-calibration. I honestly pity many people living in Nairobi who commute to work. Every morning and evening, they are exposed to a barrage of useless Radio shows that sadly focus on....genitals...Monday through Friday. And you expect the next generation to prosper? What software are you using now? Honestly? Listen, FOR HUMAN BEINGS, SOFTWARE WILL ALWAYS BECOME HARDWARE. Watch out! And Guess what? You are the Potter, and no matter what...you are bound to have some Hardware one day....either on your own life...or your offshoots!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Rhoda my friend cannot just shut up. This subject of Half time was meant to be a passing cloud. However, it turns out to be a very pertinent subject to each and every person the two of us talk to. Yesterday's post drew a very personal reaction from a reader named Sally. The questions she asked were deep, personal. She wonders whether she is in the first, second, third or fourth 'half time'.
At the same time, you have to notice that this subject came straight from my kindred friend Thomas, who is at this very hour hosting a serious discussion that borders on transition. He talks about the importance fathers have in transitions. Deep stuff right there. A must read.
Anyway, I asked Rhoda to keep writing about her thoughts on this...She asks great pertinent 'transition questions'. Here goes today's Post from Rhoda's perspective:

Ever heard about ...about ''All things happen for the good of all that love God and ...bla bla bla, and almost wanted to hit God right in the middle of His eyes and yell to Him 'hey whatever u said!'' YOU have no idea huh!!!

Anyone would say yes to this....anyone even those who really don't mind about the sovereign power!
Seasons...Transitions...and Change frequently  that bring this situation out.!

This brings me to a conclusion. That Half-Time can also qualify to be named, 'A time of RELINQUISHMENT,- letting go'. If i may ask us, What's the desired outcome after all,do i really have any in the first place? During Transition can i still tread in Faith & Obedience? Or will i build my own values & policies that are 'without' the set standards of living according to God?

On the other side of it, what would be my reaction anyway? Mostly it is very common during a 'Half-Time'
to have a feeling that somehow we have been forgotten !!! At that point, it is important to...just invite God's voice into our Transition season...it is crucial, even when we really think it's not.
During Half-time we want to lose things that are burdensome and bothers us. But we may also risk losing things we thought were very useful and good.
Transition here brings the factor of 'pruning'.  Focus may be important during this Half-time because if we do not Focus, it may bring a natural wave to our emotions -actually a Turbulence...Mixed reactions; so to say!
A sense of grief and loss ...which may lead to Anger,frustration and even bitterness.

But if our focus is made STILL...on to the +ve outcome of Transition-then we go back to the game with HOPES of  WINNING.  Transition can also expose us. This is where we feel like running to a hideout
(Imagine Rooney losing His focus on the Ball and  skewing his shot off at the time it mattered most!)!
Mostly a player will react to that the reason of the reaction been that,'He has become deeply aware of that reality and will make quick adjustments to that!

These quick adjustments may make or break us during this time when we want to judge ourselves and are in
a confused state of having reconciled with a FACT'..you know!We want to run away yet we want to go through the UNKNOWN'
Actually we don't know what to expect after running through the alley of Transition,neither do we want to accept that we are actually going through it at all.
Attitude here  is crucial...very crucial..

Be blessed!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Some few days back, I posted something titled Kindred Hearts...how I was impacted by a friend of mine Thomas. One thing Thomas mentioned as he quoted Steven R Covey was about 'Independence', Interdependence, and Dependence.  We all need to grow to that level of interdependence...anyway that is another message for another day.

Today's post is nurturing the spirit of Interdependence. Yesterday, Monday the 23rd, I posted right here about  'Half Time'...a title I got from my friend Thomas. The response was very fast from another friend of mine called Rhoda. Her comments were long enough to necessitate another blog post. I have talked to her and invited here to write about her thoughts on half time. Therefore, for the very first time, Life Signatures hosts a guest to do a whole blog post. I am sure you will be impacted by Rhoda's insights, and will be looking forward to reading more from her.
Here goes:

Transitions are a big part of anyone's life 'it comes with adjusting, adapting,change en all that name them;Transition can be smooth or painful...'i bet both contribute to some growth ''but the reason why some has to be painful en others sweet is what we can never tell!

A half time can be so short for change and in other seasons sooo long for adjusting ..mostly others adjust and adapt ..while at half time...
But one thing is so sure that every half time ,gives an expectation of sorts...a wider vision....maybe a different perspective of things....and this is also largely a matter of attitude....the events there after or the result of the refreshing moment''' aka Half time...are always dependent on the attitude u come back into the game  with!!
U wanna win or u wanna lose? On the other side for what reasons do u want to win....

Namale saysHalf time is about analysis-Am saying it about Rediscovering-Re-encountering-Amending....Mostly we forget that Things Change and People go through Transition!
In the story of Creation,we learn a great deal in change,when God transformed the Earth that was then without form or Void!(u can imajine been in a situation to alter it as u go thorugh transition..how would you love to present it eventually?)......Now After the change on earth God looked and said it was good :He joyed in what he saw,what he brought forth from nothing ..maybe from 'nonproductive', to a productive earth...Genesis 1:1-31
But in within the changes that were so good came the transition of Mankind as well..(SEASONS)..
Again the preacher said it can be a time to rejoice ,to laugh,to cry,to gather,to scatter...name it..but remember the attitude ...u walk into transition with.
Transition period may need us to reconnect,recollect or abandon as well....this is where maybe ,just maybe the difference between joyful & painful transition is understood !
You may ask why and how:If we can just value the time of Transition''HALF TIME''..!

Mostly we don't want to Value TIME' during Transition just because we are too quick to leave the past & get onto the future....During this Half time...the most probable result is to miss out on Tremendous outcome just because we are in a rush to Move on...

One thing is soo sure its either going to be a''Dark Night of the Soul '' or A Dawn bringing Gladness...

Cheerz Namale


The Barclay's Premier League chapter 2010/2011 came to a close yesterday. A new record was set for the highest number of wins ever since inception, 19 by none other than Machester United. For Arsenal fans...the best you can do to disarm the 'ManU' fans is to congratulate them. It is only wise and gentlemanly.

Well, as usual, I come up with analogies that reflect on a Visionary's Life. I firmly believe that life, all human life is tied to a mission. No human life is useless. The life could be as short as grass, or as fleeting as wind...but it sure was meant to impact 'others'. That has been the gist and the message of this blog from inception. That is why we have talked about Life Purpose, Life Mission, Life Signatures, Goals, Vision and so on.
You might think that I chose a wrong topic for this post...but hang in just a minute. Of late, I have tagged my posts as 'Transition'. I have talked of moving from one season of life to another, and how crucial mastering that transition is to any visionary. I had promised to title one of my posts around a title that i got from my kindred friend Thomas...and here it is today.

Half time. That is the time where mostly in a sport, the competing teams take time to rest and reflect on how they have performed in the first half. It is also the time that the COACH who has been analyzing the first half takes time to inject in new STRATEGIES and TACTICS in order to either COMEBACK, MAINTAIN, or totally VANQUISH the opposing team. Half time is extremely crucial.

For a Visionary, there is and always will be a MAJOR HALF TIME in your life. This is where a distinction is made between SUCCESS and SIGNIFICANCE. The first half of a Visionary's life of course is all about accomplishing his or her goals. The second half is about reaching out to OTHERS and helping them accomplish THEIR goals so that in turn they can reach out and help others with their game.
At times, transitions from one season of life to another should be treated as HALF TIME. The reason as to why you see no progress in your life situation at the moment could be that you are at HALF TIME. This is great news since you are always guaranteed of the SECOND HALF. Life offers us again and again the opportunity to have several SECOND HALVES.

  • Do you know what game you are playing?
  • Do you know what HALF it is?
  • Do you have a COACH?
  • Do you realize how important a Comeback is?
Half time is about ANALYSIS. Someone once said: "A life not analyzed is not worthy to be lived" ....I guess that must have been Jim Rohn. Anyway, my admonition today is for all those who are in 'HALF TIME'...Second Half is coming....Your Latter is MEANT to be greater than your past....you have been

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I know, I know. I had promised that the next two posts would bear the title and the message that I drew from having a deep conversation with my kindred friend Thomas. Well, my apologies. That will yet come. Someone said that life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

Today, I am going to go deeply spiritual, but will draw a very pertinent lesson for visionaries. In a previous post, we talked about stagnation. We talked about success being discontigous at times, that there would be seasons of transition that would be extremely significant for a visionary.

Jesus Christ had one moment of transition that has been depicted thoroughly in Mel Gibson’s the Passion of the Christ. I don’t have enough time and space to derive the pain of the cross…however I could tell you this: That this was the ULTIMATE punishment that the Roman Empire meted out as a spectacle and as a weapon to crush dissent. It is said that it was more painful than being thrown in boiling oil, more painful than being stretched like William Wallace was, more painful than being thrust through. It was the ultimate punishment. For the sake of this post, we will call it a moment of transition.

When he was nailed at the cross, he was not the only one going through crucifixion, there were two others at the same place going through the same punishment. The difference was with how these three individuals reacted to the punishment. An interesting thing is depicted in the Gospel of John 19:32 “Then came the soldiers and broke the legs of the first and the other that was crucified with him, 33 but when they came to Jesus and saw that he was dead already, they broke not his legs”

Now those are strange verses of scripture. Why did they have to break the legs of the two prisoners? The answer is simple, so that they could quicken their death. You see, when you are stretched on a cross, you use your legs to support your breathing in and out. With broken legs, you cannot achieve that fete and you ultimately die. It should be noted that breaking the legs of the crucified was not a plan in play. It was an urgency that came upon the company at Golgotha due to the fast approaching of the Sabbath day where Jews were not allowed to work.

These two guys were STRUGGLING to remain alive, they were fighting the season. Not Jesus. In a previous scripture, it says that Jesus gave up the ghost and died. In other words, he VOLUNTARILY embraced death. He did not fight it.

Ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in life like I am in right now where you are proverbially caught between a rock and a hard place. You have prayed and done all there is to do like Christ did, but still the prevailing circumstances are unmoved like a mighty boulder. I am learning that in such circumstances, SURRENDER is key. You can only do so much. I have learnt that the earlier I ACCEPT that the prevailing circumstances are uncomfortable, dark and unpredictable I give myself the chance to go through the tight season and come out unscathed. The more I fight off the bad season, the more I prolong my ‘death’, and ultimately invite my bones to be broken to speed up the ‘death’.

So what to do? Surrender. Soon enough that tough season will ‘come to pass’. I find so much peace having waved the white flag of surrender. Let the season do its work, let the season accomplish its purpose. My job is to learn. My work is to be open, but my attitude is that this too is a season that will soon fade away and be forgotten.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As I write this blog, I am thoroughly emotional. Not in a negative way, but in a sobering humbling way. It is one of those times that a man needs to retreat into his cave and just reflect, be grateful and just let the events of the day sink in.

The trigger of all these is my dear friend, brother, greatest fan and kindred heart, Thomas, who does a blog on http://tomotiende.blogspot.com. We have been friends for years. Our friendship has been deep all through. We talk man to man issues, we deliberate about our fears, our struggles. However, most importantly, we talk about our aspirations, our purpose, our families. We share about our wives. We talk about how proud we are. When I talk to Thomas, for the most part there are tears that glisten our eyes...deep calls to deep is the only explanation I can give.

I finally met Thomas today after years. As you can imagine, time just flew. We met at around 4 p.m, yet at 9 p.m we were not yet through with our conversation. I could talk and branch off to topics upon topics before coming back to the real issue. The same to him. These are two men of like passions meeting like a spark would meet dry grass.

Talking to Thomas has drawn so deep from myself and from him. We have basically charged each other up and there is a fire simmering in our eternal and sanctified souls ready to consume and light up the world. That is what kindred hearts do. We charge each other up. We comfort each other. We build each other. We speak about where we are, yet most importantly, we speak about where we are going.

A visionary needs this kind of talk every once in a while. A visionary needs a friend who will affirm him. There is a project that I had kept pending, yet after meeting with Thomas, I know that project is long overdue. Thomas says, "Let the hindrance of this project be external factors and not internal factors". In other words, 'Go ahead Lawrence, do everything that is within your power to see this come to fruition, do not be your own hindrance.'

I feel re-energized and valuable, needed and useful to the world. Every visionary needs a close friend, a man or woman of like passion, a kindred heart. Someone whom you would tell what you are worried or afraid of. Someone you would tell your greatest dreams. Someone whom you would not be afriad or embarrased to talk to. We all need one.
The next two or so posts will be titled  from my deep conversation with Thomas. My question today is: Do you have a kindred heart? Do you have a man/woman of like passions with you?

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been staying at my brother's house in Nairobi Soutch C. Nice place. One of the things about South C and Nairobi in general is the rate at which new and magnificent buildings are springing up. I had a chat with my sister in law yesterday, and made an observation that in few years time, it would be a whole new and different landscape in South C.

Outside of where I am staying, there are several buildings under construction. There is what looks like a pond of stagnant and dirty water, obviously a by product of the construction that is going on. Naturally, I got to reflect and paint pictures and analogies with life. That is one of my fortes these days, analysing things deeper than they look to the casual observer.

It dawned on me that sometimes, our lives can be discontigous with success. We sometimes come to that season where nothing is moving. We are seemingly stagnant. The way we NAME such seasons is extremely important. First off, just using the word 'Season' is powerful enough to denote that that muddy water will dry up one day. That does wonders to the mind and keeps the soul that is on transition on powerful, stable and happy focus.

Think about it, how many transitions do people normally go through? I would say this, several transitions they are that start as early as child birth. From the safety of the womb for nine months, to the nursing hands of a loving couple; from homeschool to school; from primary school to High School; from High School to college; from College to work; marriage; family and so on. This is the general 'line of best fit' for transitions.

However, I have come to learn that life transitions are not all that predictable...there are moments in life that you cannot basically explain the next logical step.

The most important question of all to ask is this: How best can a Visionary go through these transitions, especially the ones that he or she feels totally not in control of? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the million dollar question. In fact, this is the definition of life. Someone said that life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Oh! how so true! The most successful amongst the best of us are those who have mastered the mental techniques to set in operation before, during and after a transition.

Today's post is about SYSTEMS, about RHYTHM. Consider this quote: "In the struggle between the stone and the water, in time, the water wins." - Chinese Proverb. Why is this so? Because, the stone is STAGNANT, but the water either keeps dropping on the stone or flowing over it.

Any organization worth its salt has well oiled SYSTEMS that make it run. I have come to learn that the very first thing that I need to do is to have a VISION. Systems are built around a Vision. I have found it prudent to have your vision well before an ‘unpredictable’ transition comes. This way, you keep a FLOW of activities intact whether we come against a season that would otherwise render us stagnant. This way, we tend to keep the fire burning, or keep the vision going, and in the end we manage our transition well.

FEAR is a major distract-er as well as a destruct-or in times of unpredictable transition. In our very first post we talked about overcoming fear. We talked about the fact that being stagnant and doing nothing reinforces the fear. The main remedy was suggested in surrounding oneself with activity. How best would it be that the activity you find yourself in in your moment of transition is an activity that contributes to the overall vision of your Life Signature?

Remember, you are either IN a transition, FROM a transition or GOING into a transition, since the only permanent thing in life is CHANGE.

 Before a transition, find a vision you can dedicate your life to and build systems around it.
 In a Transition, keep the flow of the systems in place and open your senses to LEARN as much as possible.
 FROM a transition ACCELERATE your vision with the nuggets that you received while in the season.

Over to you.

Friday, May 13, 2011


So I am in the process of Authoring a book. It is an exciting venture. It proves several concepts that I have talked about in this blog. For example, I talked of what you focus on grows bigger and bigger. As I continue in the flow of this book, I can already see several others coming out of this original concept. Kind of reminds me of a certain millionaire who said that once he made his first million, that was it, the rest were easy to follow....
But I digress. One of the topics that I highlight in my upcoming book is the topic of Reverse Order....how one person can take what has traditionally been done and cultured, and take a different look at it...and harness the potential therein. The main concept of today's post is LEVERAGE. Believe me, this is one of those big concepts that a Visionary needs to have. Before we can discuss it, let me digress again and take you into how my world has been the past three or so days. I have traveled between two zip codes, and now I am in Nairobi since Sunday evening. Obviously, when you travel from one place to another, you will almost always encounter Culture Shock.

For example, it seems to me that all the drivers on Nairobi Roads are competing for space...even the safe distance you keep with the vehicle in front of you is ruthlessly robbed from you by drivers from both sides of the single road. So, I find myself in that condition, it is a gridlock, and the driver on my left forces himself through the safe distance i was keeping, in the process, his van brushes on my vehicle,
and dismantles his tail lights.."Good for him", I tell myself. Well, shock to my sanctified soul, the driver and the conductor of this van jump out of the van and demand that I pay them for the small wreckage. Culture shock at its worst!
That was not all. What I quickly realized is that Nairobians spent HOURS on end on their roads to and from work! I was thoroughly uncomfortable with that set up. It happened the following day also...and the following day...virtually on any road I was taking. I started highlighting my comments to my bro in the car. One of the comments I made is, "If any Nairobian would take Instructional CD's with them and listen to them as they travel to work, they would earn a Degree within one year of commuting". He laughed, but I was right.

That is what leverage is. Taking the gridlock of situations and using it for something constructive. Feeding your mind with inspiration and motivation is extremely crucial to fulfilling your life signature. I would really encourage Nairobians to think about this. Another culture shock in this vein is that there are pretty few instructional materials that one can purchase in Nairobi. That is sad, but it is also a blessing, since the market is open to be filled. Lemon to lemonade kind of stuff.

Most commuters in Nairobi are subjected to FM stations that discuss matters 'below the waist'...all the way from home to work. Shameless! What would happen to a Nairobian who would replace this status and leverage it with Motivation, Inspiration and Instruction? Do that for one full year, I am sure that person will not be commuting any more, they will have their own vehicle and ultimately turn it into a University.

Anyway, my encouragement today is for all of us to take another look and ask ourselves, "Why do we do the things we do?". Analyze your 'culture' and find out if it is adding any value to your life at the moment. If that is not happening, then switch on to the power of Leverage. A visionary is very keen to leverage on anything and everything that happens to them. It was written in the good book "God works all things together for good..." For this to happen, one must be keen, and very 'PRESENT' in every moment of their lives. In order to leverage on situations and circumstances, put on the mind of turning lemon to lemonade. In short, watch your language...where you COMPLAIN most is ultimately where you can exercise the power of Leverage.
Have a great weekend as you take a second peek of your life.

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