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Rhoda my friend cannot just shut up. This subject of Half time was meant to be a passing cloud. However, it turns out to be a very pertinent subject to each and every person the two of us talk to. Yesterday's post drew a very personal reaction from a reader named Sally. The questions she asked were deep, personal. She wonders whether she is in the first, second, third or fourth 'half time'.
At the same time, you have to notice that this subject came straight from my kindred friend Thomas, who is at this very hour hosting a serious discussion that borders on transition. He talks about the importance fathers have in transitions. Deep stuff right there. A must read.
Anyway, I asked Rhoda to keep writing about her thoughts on this...She asks great pertinent 'transition questions'. Here goes today's Post from Rhoda's perspective:

Ever heard about ...about ''All things happen for the good of all that love God and ...bla bla bla, and almost wanted to hit God right in the middle of His eyes and yell to Him 'hey whatever u said!'' YOU have no idea huh!!!

Anyone would say yes to this....anyone even those who really don't mind about the sovereign power!
Seasons...Transitions...and Change frequently  that bring this situation out.!

This brings me to a conclusion. That Half-Time can also qualify to be named, 'A time of RELINQUISHMENT,- letting go'. If i may ask us, What's the desired outcome after all,do i really have any in the first place? During Transition can i still tread in Faith & Obedience? Or will i build my own values & policies that are 'without' the set standards of living according to God?

On the other side of it, what would be my reaction anyway? Mostly it is very common during a 'Half-Time'
to have a feeling that somehow we have been forgotten !!! At that point, it is important to...just invite God's voice into our Transition is crucial, even when we really think it's not.
During Half-time we want to lose things that are burdensome and bothers us. But we may also risk losing things we thought were very useful and good.
Transition here brings the factor of 'pruning'.  Focus may be important during this Half-time because if we do not Focus, it may bring a natural wave to our emotions -actually a Turbulence...Mixed reactions; so to say!
A sense of grief and loss ...which may lead to Anger,frustration and even bitterness.

But if our focus is made STILL...on to the +ve outcome of Transition-then we go back to the game with HOPES of  WINNING.  Transition can also expose us. This is where we feel like running to a hideout
(Imagine Rooney losing His focus on the Ball and  skewing his shot off at the time it mattered most!)!
Mostly a player will react to that the reason of the reaction been that,'He has become deeply aware of that reality and will make quick adjustments to that!

These quick adjustments may make or break us during this time when we want to judge ourselves and are in
a confused state of having reconciled with a FACT' know!We want to run away yet we want to go through the UNKNOWN'
Actually we don't know what to expect after running through the alley of Transition,neither do we want to accept that we are actually going through it at all.
Attitude here  is crucial...very crucial..

Be blessed!

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