Monday, April 29, 2013


"Anybody can have a job in an instant by engaging their mind" ~ Life Signatures 

"If laughter is an instant vacation, then serious thinking is an instant employment"! ~ Life Signatures

The popular saying is that 'an Idle mind is the devil's workshop'...well let me ask this: Whose workshop is a wondering mind? That is a question worth answering. It is said that only 2% of people do actually think...and thinking does not mean jumping from one thing to another...but I digress...

When a mind is wondering, it is because there is not enough pressure at present to focus it onto one thing! A wondering mind is either a product of indiscipline, mediocrity or better yet...a Master!

A wondering mind is also reflective of lack of discipline in meditation and focus.

"The biggest job vacancy world wide to be filled by more than 90% of humanity is for Self Executive Officers" ~ Life Signatures

One of the components of being a happy achiever comes from the ability to force oneself to be single-minded in terms of focusing one one thing and achieving it before moving to the next. The Bible says that a "double minded man is unstable in all his ways" I could not have said it better. Isn't it amazing that stability is directly linked with a 'concentrated' mind?

"A curse is always on the unused talent" ~ Dr. Mike Murdock.

Many job hunters and seekers deprive themselves of this awesome opportunity to be employed before they are employed. I can tell you that there is so much to do in one single day for a jobless person that they might even need more hours! I kid you not. Here is how to get a job in an instant: Stop all the traffic and FOCUS your mind and start thinking. Thinking about what? About your life. Where you have been. Where you are. Where you are going. Your Legacy. Your Vision. Your Life Purpose. Your Goals. Your Values. This kind of 'concentrated thinking' is an instant job, and in my take, it is much more valuable than a job for a monthly pay check. I kid you not again! To not do this is likened to 'hiding talents'...and as Mike Murdock puts it, there is a curse in that. SELAH...

The only pressure at the moment is how they can put food on the table and pay for their housing and clothes.

A mind at pressure is such a blessing...although we all hate pressure and love comfort.
You know you are under pressure when:
  • There is need yet there also lack,
  • Your reputation is at stake,
  • You are working on something you never have before,
  • You are just about to lose something or someone you cherish,
  • A line has been drawn, the stakes have been raised and your happiness depends on rising up and beating the deadlines...and so on
No doubt that a mind pressured will never be the same...and the life under pressure is a life under growth.

That being said, we should also note that the recipe of mediocrity is a helter-skelter topsy-turvy mind.
In order to move to the next level, there must be pressure applied to one's life, and by extension, to ones mind either:
  • By Force: Most popular with mediocre people who wait for the forces of life and nature to force them into action.
  • By Choice: The mainstay of Master Stellar Visionaries who force themselves to be under personal pressure to attain something on a daily basis through cultivated discipline over time.
 Applied pressure forces the mind to focus. Focus leads to growth which in turn leads to maturity of
which continued results in Mastery.

At Mastery levels, the mind can now be at liberty to wonder around while a Genius task is being done...a task that was cumbersome and awkward at first. For instance, while you have mastered driving a manual transmission vehicle, you can do a thousand other things while driving. This was not possible while training for the same.

Amazingly a wondering mind is either the product of a Master or the mainstay of a mediocrity.

Are you jobless? Retrenched? Fired? There is a job to do right this want to believe me on this one. I have been there, done that, I have the T-Shirt and this article to show of it!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When did Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon? Which year was it again? Do you know? Can you remember? Well if you can't...just google! Better yet, let me save you a few micro seconds and give you an answer. The year was 1969. The actual date was July 20th.

Now, what does that date have to do with the number 7? Everything. Absolutely everything! It was in September 12th 1962 that then and long since departed American President John F Kennedy delivered the now popular moon speech and said the following in a little over seventeen minutes:

"It is not surprising that some will have as stay where we are a little longer to wait and rest...but this country of the United States was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them...this country was conquered by those who move forward and so must SPACE...the exploration of space will go nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to be left behind in this race for space...but 'why some say the moon'?...'why choose this as our goal'? And they may well ask..."Why climb the highest mountain?...why 35 years ago fly the Atlantic?..." We choose to go to the moon! We choose to go to the moon risk....and do other things, not because they are easy but because that goal will serve to organize and measure our energies and skill....because that challenge is one that we are willing to we are unwilling to post pone...and one we intend to win and the others too!! 

While campaigning for his presidency, His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta ambitiously told Kenyans that he would as President of the republic supply Laptops to every child joining Primary school. Can you compare that with going to the moon? Yet as sure as going to the moon had its own cynics, a noble and lesser goal that is Uhuru Kenyatta's has attracted its own cynics and nay sayers! Of course many cynics (and this is in millions) took it as a campaign carrot being dangled for votes. Those many I dare say included members of his own coalition, the Jubilee Coalition!

When the man ascended to Presidency as the 4th Kenyan President in exactly 50 years, in his speech, he said the following:

"Within the first one hundred days, we will put measures in place to ensure that all students , joining class one next year , within the public school system receive a laptop. We made a promise to our children and we will keep it because we believe that early exposure to technology will inspire future innovation and be a catalyst for growth and prosperity".
Now...this man has come out twice and spelt out his vision boldly. Yet we still have cynics and doubters. Some are even laughing at this bold pronouncements. Some senior journalist was interviewing experts and he called the move "too ambitious"

To be honest with you, I am getting fed up with Kenyans who are so comfortable with the status quo. All they see is impossibilities. It is time to change.

Some are even asking questions...valid questions I must add. Some want to know who will teach the children how to use the laptops...others say that it is better for schools to be built before laptops are given...that it is better for parents to have blankets before children can have laptops!
Cynics! Impossibility thinkers! Would you all just shut up!

Look, there are two things when it comes to being a visionary...three things that matter in making a dream come true:

  1. Dreaming: This is paramount to success. Great visionaries are master bold dreamers like JFK. Uhuru Kenyatta is a dreamer. Allow him to dream. Let us dream together with him. This is critical. This is a purely inspirational phase that every humans hopes and aspiration hinge. If we do not dream, we dead! "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". Yet, we cannot keep sleeping in our dreams. They wont become a reality that way.
    Uhuru Kenyatta
  2. Strategy: This is where cynics go wrong. When we are dreaming...they have already gone ahead of us, throwing as many obstacles as they can conjure on us...trying to scuttle our dream even before we can wake up. Strategy is paramount...yet you do not move to strategy too soon until the dream is clear as crystal.
  3. Action: "Whatever is conceived it can be achieved". Period. Several months from today...there will be laptops in Primary many other numerous 'ambitious' projects that will stem from it. People will have jobs because of the implementation of that dream alone. The President and his Deputy and (hopefully) their team have conceived this wonderful dream. It is revolutionary nonetheless.
  • Blankets will be torn in few years
  • The food that you want supplied before laptops will be eaten in a meal and have always eaten even before Uhuru Kenyatta came to the scene
  • The schools can be built. No fool will give you a laptop to use under a tree...there is no electricity there.
Habakkuk 2:2 (in the Bible) says: Write the vision down...though it tarries (could be JFK's 7 years)...wait for it, it shall come to pass.

Over to you Kenyans.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Q: "Knock, knock!!" 
A: "Who is there?"
Q: "Opportunity
A: "Go away, opportunity never knocks twice!"

You have probably heard this vibe...that we are only given one chance. I beg to differ by more than 1000 miles. If that vibe were true, we would have lives like houseflies. 
  • We would live just one day and never be given another...
  • We would never suffer broken hearts...
  • We would never overcome...broken hearts, failure, rejection, fear
  • We would never grow better...
  • We would not be human...
  • We would not have self-healing mechanisms in our bodies
Like the sun that rises every day, opportunities of second chances are accorded to us in droves anew.  A rigid life is lived when we occupy the bulk of our moments doing two things:
  1. Wishing and praying hard that we do not make a mistake;
  2. Regretting that we indeed made mistakes and wished we never made them.
Every few weeks, there is a new Coca-cola advertisement in every part of the world. Why? One reason: Even if you were perfect yesterday, you are still could be better today!

The following are seven things to do when given a second chance:

  • Focus on What Matters: Sounds obvious, yet if 87% of people world-wide would focus on what matters now…the world would see mighty revolutions. This right now is all you have. Live there. Make it matter.

  • Add difference: Doing the same thing over and over again each time expecting the same results is nothing but madness…so said one prominent man. The fact is you can do the same thing over and over again but each time with a new twist…with a little extra innovation…a little extra creativity. Each day is a chance for that. 

  • Add Excellence: A great visionary will always strive for excellence. They would spend for excellence. They would move from the ordinary to the extra ordinary on a consistent basis. That is why Life Signatures will at some point in time soon have a new professionally designed website. I have a second chance every day, every week, every month over here at Life Signatures.

  • Add Influence: The great cats of the Savanna hunt down their prey mostly by isolation. You cannot afford to be left alone…no mentors and no followers. Seek the advice of the who is who in your field…and this time round, seek to either implement what they tell you or model their way of doing things. You cannot afford to be stupid twice.

  • Leverage new Technology: Can you believe that there are people who still use snail mail? In this day and age! Technology has become cheaper and versatile at the same time. In any way possible, make sure you leverage on the power of technology.

  • Unlearn the ‘groans’: And here is the beauty of failure. You have feedback! You know what your audience hates. That is good. The worst would be you not knowing what they hated…so you would not do anything about it. Now that you know…would you please change?

  • Learn the ‘wows’: Two ways here: First you can deliberately strive to innovate to wow your audience…chances are that you might succeed. The second however is better: Ask you audience about their dreams and fantasies…and you have more than 100% chance to succeed
So…what are you doing with your second chance today?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In December 2008, a major thing happened to my life. I became an expatriate! Now, this is something that I had never dreamt of in my wildest imagination. The closest I came was to always desire to be a missionary... I kid you not!

Wore a co-workers wig while waiting to have a meeting going
You would know that I am a firm stickler for goal setting and living a life of design...and so it might sound so unlike life signatures to say that something of that sort happened outside of my expectation...Yet you would also understand that I have written about the iDimension on this same blog explaining the phenomenon.

The truth is, I am not the same passionate visionary that entered Uganda close to five years ago. It is so amazing how a small period of five years can pass by in a flash...and it is so amazing how much life can change within that small period of time.

When I came to Uganda,
  1. I had no definite Life Purpose
  2. I had no personal vision…
  3. I had never defined my values…
  4. I did not have any goals...just wishes…
  5. I was unmarried…
    My Lovely Ugandan (and Only) Wife
  6. I did not have any writing to my name…
  7. I had never led an organization at a Country Level…
  8. I had never stepped into a TV Station…
  9. I had never hosted a radio show…
  10. I had never run a marathon...
  11. I did not have any children…
  12. I had never ever driven a vehicle…
  13. I had never owned a vehicle…
  14. I had never spoken to more than 500 people at one go coming from around East Africa…
  15. I had never personally spoken to an author and educationist to the level and rank of Fagil Mandy
  16. I had never shared a platform with the C.E.O of Success Africa, Ethan Musolini
  17. I had never driven to my home town and village in my own vehicle…
  18. I did not have the foggiest idea what Life Signatures was!!!!
  19. I had never spoken to any Rotary Club…let alone becoming a Rotarian…
  20. I had never heard my exit and entry from one country to another talked about on a mainstream Christian Station…
  21. I had never taken in my house and cared for a group of 5 orphans for a whole month without stress…
Yet as I write today, all these things and many, many more are now a perfect reality. All these things transpired while I was in Uganda. It was in Uganda that I downloaded my passionate Life Purpose and came up with Life Signatures, which is set to explore to the scene international in the next two years.
Ladies and gentlemen…a time has come for me to move on. As you read this, I am probably in Accra Ghana, the next destination of my next phase of life.
My First Time to Run a Marathon
As you can see, Uganda has done me well. My stay in Uganda was never any doubt a mistake. I can tell you this: that the most crucial phase of my life has been the past four years spent in Uganda…and I will never be the same again.
Knowing what I now know, I am more than excited to have this awesome chance to inspire hope and enrich lives world-wide, the center of focus being Ghana. Life is an adventure, and this visionary is taking another one.
Join me, you are about to be blessed.

Friday, April 12, 2013


"Naked I came from my mother's womb, naked I'll return to the womb of the earth" ~ Job

In my estimation, life is simpler than we complicate it. Life is to me, a binary of two possibilities. The wise would know exactly what phase they are in, and most importantly, what phase they could be in. That's it!

Here is the curveball: We have finite minds. We do not grasp all there is to grasp at a go. We cannot escape the mirage that life offers us daily. At some point, we see our possibility and realize where we are in relation to were we could be. So when we get where we thought previously that we could be...we realize that it has become where we are...and there is another where we could be...! That my the structure of our life metamorphosis.

That is all there is in life. Two major possibilities.

Let me explain. If we are to use the analogy of hunting gold mines...there are only two states we all ought to operate in: 
  1. The Highway to Our Goldmine
  2. The Goldmine itself.
That is it. There is no other complication in life.You are either currently on top of your gold mine or on the highway towards it! Now...there are two types of people on the highway: There are those who know that they are on the highway to their goldmine...and then there are those who are clueless.

There is only one group of people on top of the Goldmine...those who knew all along that they where on a journey towards it...think about it!

We need to realize what our Goldmine is. Each of us has one Goldmine...and it is only one Goldmine that is needed. The creator in his own infinite wisdom made our Goldmine first...and then formed us. In us, He put all the things we need to gravitate towards that Goldmine.

He put in the map of passion. It is revealed by what excites well as that which infuriates us. He put inside of us the compass that would take us there...our talents and our giftings. He put inside of us an eternal landmark that will guide us to the Goldmine...our hearts. He put inside of us all the necessary tools that we need to take us to the Goldmine...our personalities.

The highest calling we have in life is not to find our Goldmines...but to use our Goldmines for the greater good of 'others'. 

So, back to the message: You are either on top of your Goldmine...or you are on the Highway towards it...only if you realize that fact and consciously live it.

The most interesting thing is that the Highway to the Goldmine proves to be the most intriguing phase...and in my submission, the most important phase of our lives than being on top of the Goldmine itself. It seems to me that there is much more glory in mastering the road signs of the highway to the Goldmine...than knowing how to use the Goldmine itself.

Either way, you must dig it. Gold never appears on the surface. That is why at whatever level or phase we find ourselves in, we cannot term it useless...and I am speaking regarding the Highway moments of our Life Signatures. The road to a Goldmine of our lives will be littered here and there with some deposits of gold. The tragedy would be to camp at those deposits at the expense of discovering the Goldmine.

The biggest tragedy though is never realizing what phase one is...and therefore just exist to pay bills...count the days and anniversaries, birthdays and special occassions until that time we go back to the womb of the earth...naked!

Do you know the phase you are in?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


"Your only struggle in life is to stay inspired" ~ Mike Murdock
I love listening and watching individuals, groups of people, events and things that inspire me. I have learnt that great motivators are born out of authentic 'skin for skin' inspiration--such that they experience it themselves. Remember, you cannot take people where you have never been.
True motivation cannot be mimicked! It is laced with a pinch of personal experience! You cannot mimic the "I have a Dream" speech even to a group of people who never heard it and get the motivated like Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr did.
You know I am inspired when you hear me say these words: "You Guy"!
You know I am inspired when you hear no comment from me, but a few sniffs followed by a big sigh.
You know I am inspired when you see me whip out my phone and tweet.
You know I am inspired when you come to this blog and read a post or two.
My calling in life is to Inspire Hope and Enrich Lives world-wide. Therefore my biggest mandate on a daily basis is to stay inspired above the level of life. I have gone to the extend of documenting my daily inspirations and graphing them. It is that important to me.
There is nothing as beautiful as heartfelt and authentic inspiration:
  • When you watch Melanie Amaro win the initial X-Factor organized by Simon Cowell,
  • When you watch Chris Rene, just 70 days out of a drugs rehabilitating center go all the way to be top 3 in the X-Factor,
  • When my just to be 2 year old Ethan drops everything that meant everything to him when he sees me and runs demanding me to "carry you daddy"...
  • When I tune into radio and I hear one of my wife's songs playing...
  • When I hear again and again from my listeners how my program has impacted their lives...
  • When I sit down and scheme of how one day I will grant my mum a standing ovation...
  • When I watch a movie like Coach Carter
These and many are instances of inspiration to me. Yet one thing I ask myself all day every day is this: If I am a motivator that I am, who motivates me? Who or what inspires me?
  • Who inspires TD Jakes so much so that he is always in the zone whenever you watch him?
  • Who inspires our heroes and heroins in what they do?
  • What makes legends like Micheal Jackson, Micheal Jordan, Micheal Schumacher, and many other legends keep ticking?
There definitely is something.
For this visionary, there are several sources of my motivation and inspiration:
  1. My Life Frustrations: I have generated loads of quotes and dozens of articles on this blog ostensibly from my life frustrations. I am what I am today because of those frustrations and because of what I learned in overcoming them.
  2. My Mentors: On a daily basis, I have to at least read, watch or listen to a particular mentor. My two top Mentors at the moment are: Dr. Mike Murdock and Peter J Daniels. I have generated powerful quotes original with me but inspired by the words of these men...and many others.
  3. My Jogging Excursions: Nothing exercises my mind and stretches it like my jogging excursions do. I get very many life nuggets every time I go out there to jog. These nuggets apply directly in my life. For example, I learnt how to track my performance from my excursions as shown in this post.
  4. True Life Stories: My wife and I love watching singing competitions like "Britain Has Got Talent", "The X Factor" and "The Voice". In there, we come face to face with real life ordinary people like already mentioned, whose stories bring tears to our eyes.
  5. Resilience: To be honest, I would have given up long time ago. My wife would have too. Yet against all odds so far, we have remained hopeful. No one is insulated from setbacks in life...but our strength to endure and remain relevant to our causes in life is in itself a source of inspiration.
  6. Our Future Aspirations: We go through the worst of circumstances with our heads high...knowing that against all odds, even against hope itself, that tomorrow will bring better tidings. There have been times where hope alone has helped us endure  shame, embarrassment and possible ridicule.
These and many others are my daily source of inspiration. What are yours?

Friday, April 5, 2013


“In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”~ Eric Hoffer

Being an Expatriate is something I never in my dreams imagined would happen to me. I never even set a goal to be one. It happened as an overflow of dominating my Genius. There is a very strong message in being focussed and more than enough in nothing else but only what you know.

You have absolutely no idea where it would take you.

My time for living in the overflow of my Genius happened some time towards the end of 2008. When I was summoned to the C.E.O's office, I honestly did not see it coming. I had been in bad books last time I was in that office...albeit instigated by someone...but this was different.

Anyways, long story short, in December 2008, I flew to Kampala Uganda ostensibly to champion a product that had never ever appeard in that market since creation...Mobile Money. Looking back nearlly four years later, there are several things that I wish I would have done better. If I was given the opportunity to do it again, I do not think I will repeat these mistakes ever...neither should you.

  1. Thinking that I am the Expert and Refusing to Learn: No doubt I knew so much about the product than any other person at that moment in time. The biggest mistake I did was not having a mental shift that opens me up as a learner...and not as an expert. Expatriates should be the biggest learners of all. They only know a fraction of a percentage in exchage to the vast knowlege available in the new territory. Knowing What I Now Know...I will humble myself to learn.
  2. Staying HeadStrong and Refusing to Unlearn: This is by far the biggest mistake I did. I thought that the way I did things in my country should be the exact same way I should do...and have others follow suit. This was a mistake. In the end, you end up being frustrated for once...and secondly, you end up alieanating the very people you should work with by making them think that they are stupid. It is kind of dictatorial to think, "My way or the highway!" Knowing what I Now Know, I will always seek to unlearn some mindsets in a new environment.
  3. Magnifying My World above "theirs": It is very easy as an expat to think, "It's all about me, I am the hottest property in the country...dont mess with me!" That is pride..and sometimes it is so subtle you would not even know it is there. My attitude as an expat should be that of humility and servant hood, not of a Master or a Headteacher over scared pupils. Knowing what I Now Know I will always put 'them' first over myself and seek ways to make them better people.
  4. Magnifying the bad, not heralding the good:  I remember becoming so cynical looking for what was 'off' to laugh about. I remember posting on social media such weird things as 'Day and Boarding Driving School'...which actually existed, as well as photoz of waiters in a restaurant who were literally sleeping. It is a choice I made. However, there are millions upon millions of positives that I never really heralded. That effectively denied me the benefit of enjoying the best kept secrets in the country. Knowing What I Now Know, I would be a treasure hunter as an expatriate.
  5. Incessantly Comparing them with myself and finding them wanting: This attitude is a killer of productivity. It is very easy for expats to compare foreigners to themselves...and the systems of the country they are working in with their native countries. This is a mistake. Before you can board that need to know that differences do exist...and you will always find 'them' wanting on your scales if you judged 'them'. Knowing what I Now Know, I would seek to understand 'their' difference and see how best we can synergize with mine for the greater good.
  6. Not Researching about the Country I am going to Work in: Assumptions and presumptions are killers shrouded in pride. Thinking that I know all I need to know and not making any attempts to study my new environment was at best...stupid! You cannot thrive without information. You cannot thrive by awkwardly standing out...sometimes fitting in is extremely crucial just like standing out can be. Knowing What I Now Know, I would seek to understand their social dynamics, demographics, history and even politics for better synergy. Conversations are important for success...the best content for conversations are facts about whom you are conversing with!
  7. Not Learning Their Language: Speaking of conversations, I would really have done well mastering the main language of communication. I have a major weakness here...seeing that I dont like conversing in my mother tongue. Learning 'their' language would have given me off as committed to their betterment...and besides, it would have taken me places where my fluent and borrowed English wouldnt in decades! Knowing What I Now Know, I would strive to understand aspects of 'their' language of communciation that would result in better connection.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


"The poor you will always have with you" ~ Jesus Christ

From what Jesus Christ said, the poverty or prosperity of anybody is not His responsibility, much as it might be His wish that all should prosper. Those two are a function mainly of decisions and habits. I tweeted this some time back quoting @DrMikeMurdock, "If God decided who gets wealthy, how come missionaries are broke and the mafia wealthy?". That tweet was retweeted uncountable times (including once by Dr. Mike Murdock himself) and gained me some followers on twitter.

No matter where you go, there is always a group of people that will stand out. There is always those that seem focussed...those that seem to have all going for them. Then there are those that seem so settled although not all is going well for them.

An Example of A Vision Board
To be honest, we all can easily be affected by either group's environment, depending on where we live. I get so amazed at the habits of the successful people. At the same time, the habits of the settlers are so predictable...pure old survival.

The reason I write today is to rally everyone to be so radically cautious about the environment in which they live daily. It is critical to where they are going. I have stayed in two extreme environments. I have stayed in an area that will be easily considered an upper middle class, and I have also stayed in an environment that will be considered of the poor.

In both environments, I never neglected my weekly habit of jogging. I love jogging. More than fifteen articles have been written on this blog (including this one) that have been inspired by my jogging escapades. 

Here is one thing that I found out: Whenever I went out in the upper middle class jogging...I always met with scores of many other people who were out jogging either in my direction or in the opposite one. It always seemed that I was in good company there.

We all joggers always seemed to understand the importance of what we were doing. Are you an employer that is looking for a high performer? Here is what you can do. Go out there in any environment and find out the joggers. Stop each and everyone of them (if you can), give them your card and tell them to call you. Then interview them. I guarantee you that you will be spoilt for choice. I am a firm believer that those who work diligently on their bodies can be great performers at work. If they are serious about their health...they are also serious about wealth hence their productivity at work.

On the other hand, I have also been out there jogging in an environment of the so called poor. I can tell you that I never saw for weeks, day by day in my route or any other any fellow jogger!! That intrigued me so much, I told my wife about it. Isn't it any wonder that the considered poor will either stay (settle) in poverty and the so considered rich or middle class will continue increasing in leaps and bounds? I might be wrong...but then again I might just be right.

Herein is the crux of this article though: We have got to be thoroughly passionate about what environment we live in. Our environment affects our disposition, attitude, drive and to a good extend, our productivity and happiness.

The other day I downloaded some photos of nice home interiors. I showed my wife some of them and asked her this question (she is a gospel artist): "Honey, tell me why you will not feel thoroughly annointed if you woke up from this kind of a bedroom, took a shower in this kind of a bathroom, made breakfast in this kind of a kitchen and went to minister in this kind of a car...tell me if you will not feel anointed" She agreed with me 100%

Let me put it this way. Get some ten thousand dollars on you and walk around town. Your swagger changes, your contenance is glorified, your smile broadens, your steps have an easy spring/bounce in them, your confidence is sky high! You get my point.

Ladies and gentlemen, our external environments have a great impact in our lives...that goes without saying!

You can live in what is considered a poor neighborhood, but that does not give you a ticket to settle. Here are three things you must do if you find yourself living where you do not like or want at the moment:

  1. Apply the habits of the rich: It is not written anywhere that only the rich should work on their physical health. Yet this habit alone has a way of affecting other areas of your life including your mental health, and self esteem as well as a sense of purpose which will in turn affect positively your productivity and creativity in any area of life.
  2. Deliberately Create Pictures of where you are going: Your house might be located in a poor location...but that does not mean that you expose your mind to it daily. You can download images of nice neighborhoods where you want to live. Have this pictures exposed to you prominently every day. Something happens to you. It helps you not settle and give up. It gives you hope.
  3. Visit the environment of the rich: Stop behaving like wealth and abundance are not supposed to be your inheritance. Take some time and visit the areas where the rich live. Be in that environment as occassionaly as possible. Start seeing yourself there. I believe I heard one visionary called Erick Kimani, a philanthropist, Rotarian, Entreprenuer and former C.E.O of Yana tyres in Kenya saying on a Radio interview that he applied this nugget. Is it any wonder? He has travelled many nations...and sometimes had to spend nothing on accomodation because of the many friend she has world-wide. This thing works.
For good measure, very many rich have come out of poverty. I guarantee you that it was not by luck or fluke. It was by desire, refusing to settle and applying the habits of success.

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