What Is a Life Signature?

A Life Signature is a unique, meaningful, purpose-filled, relentless, inspiring and fulfilling life that benefits an ordinary individual to have an impact in the lives of OTHERS. Ultimately, a Life Signature outlives a Visionary and affects several generations long after the Visionary is gone.

During a Visionary's lifetime, her focus and passion is to be the best that she can be, exploiting each and every God-given Potential to the very dregs over time. As such, whatever they do or whatever they have done, this statement will always speak of their accomplishments; "Lawrence was here!"

Components of a Life Signature:

  1. A Life Purpose
  2. A Mission 
  3. An Audience 
  4. A Personal Brand
  5. An Incessant Spirit of Excellence
  6. A Yearly Theme
  7. Non-Negotiables
  8. A Daily Introspection and Alignment Review


  1. You are point on Namale. It is the same way I look at personal branding. It about a life grounded on purpose and whose pursuits are guided entirely by that purpose.

  2. Great Stuff Anthony. By your comments, I am so positive that you are living and leaving Legacies by your own unique Signature. Thanks for reading.


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