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The potter sits in his shop and daily works to create vessels. There is clay in his hand...formless. However he envisions what kind of vessel he wants create. The clay is pliable and can be formed to virtually ANYTHING he wants. He can form a 'vessel of honor', or he can form a 'hidden vessel'. It is all up to him. It is interesting that the clay has no otherwise than to CONFORM to the shape that is being given. Awesome! Can you imagine the POWER? Can you imagine the PRIVILEGE the potter has? The Power to Create. At one point in time, the pliable clay will be fashioned into a vessel...burnt in a furnace and become extremely hard, and Useful.

It has been nearly one week since I reconnected with Thomas my dear friend. Needless to say, that meeting was a trigger for very many things. One of the things I mentioned in earlier posts is that I will be blogging here and using Thomas' words as titles. One blog post we have dealt with has been about HALF TIME. So much has come out of that post that I believe the message needs more refining and repackaging and dissemination. That will come up as a project. Thanks to Rhoda who has contributed two posts on the same. She still has more to say, so we will see how that will come out.

The other thing that caught my attention in my conversation with Thomas was the statement he made: For human beings, Software becomes hardware. Now this is a million dollar statement. Left alone, this statement works in the background of our minds. Harnessed proactively, this statement can cause MAJOR paradigm shifts in the life of a Visionary.

For those who are not techies,  Software is what RUNS the computer. They are basically INSTRUCTIONS that the computer and the USER uses to work. Of course Software CANNOT BE SEEN. It lies beneath. Hardware on the other hand is what we see, feel and touch.

All of us have some kind of 'Software' that operates our very lives. It is this software that will determine the kind of life that we will live. Whether we are Successful, Great, Significant and Wealthy is a function of what 'Software' we are running. This software is what is referred to us MINDSET, MENTALITY, THOUGHTS. Whether you like it or not, you are operating using some kind of software.

In the Computer world, we use the term GIGO to denote, Garbage in, Garbage out. In other words, what you feed is what is produced from the computer. The greatest question a Visionary needs to ask oneself today is "What is the condition of my Hardware?" What have I BECOME? What am I BECOMING? Believe me, we are always in a state of BECOMING, otherwise, we are DEAD. What you are becoming is directly linked to what you BELIEVE. What you believe about yourself is directly linked to what you EXPOSE yourself to.

I know Thomas is doing a series on his blog that is fascinating. Yesterday he dealt with the Issue of Fathers...the we are raised. This is extremely critical. We are all affected with the way we were raised up. For some people, it could be good news. However for others, it is sadly a traumatizing past. I will not belabour this point, but it amazes me that more than three quarters of my friends have ISSUES with their past...their fathers mostly.

The good news is that you can always issue a different set of instructions to receive a better, expected outcome. This is a GENERATIONAL thing. I need to ask all the visionaries accessing this message today....WHAT CONDITION DO YOU WANT THE NEXT GENERATION TO BE IN? This is as regards Success, Wealth, Significance and Greatness. Once you get an answer to this question, you are set to start gathering the necessary 'SOFTWARE' that will curve out the next generation. For positive change to take place in the next generation, you need to get started NOW. Your Focus needs to be on the next generation now.

The biggest mistake many people make is to 'exist'. They live plan-less lives, only reacting to what life throws at them. Am not saying that if you got plans, life will not throw stuff at you, of course it will. Life is just not fair, plain and simple. However, that doesn't mean that we cannot strategize.
One sad thing about hardware is that it is hard! Once software has become takes YEARS of re-calibration. I honestly pity many people living in Nairobi who commute to work. Every morning and evening, they are exposed to a barrage of useless Radio shows that sadly focus on....genitals...Monday through Friday. And you expect the next generation to prosper? What software are you using now? Honestly? Listen, FOR HUMAN BEINGS, SOFTWARE WILL ALWAYS BECOME HARDWARE. Watch out! And Guess what? You are the Potter, and no matter are bound to have some Hardware one day....either on your own life...or your offshoots!

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