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Hey You! Yes you...what are you looking for? Are you just passing by? No not here, not on this blog.

In life. What are you looking for? Where are you going? I am talking to YOU...and am talking today about the 'ME FACTOR'.

I have some accusations against YOU...and one of them is that you are the most conceited individual there ever least in your niche. All around you today, you will see many things (Otherwise called Shinny objects), seeking YOUR attention.

 It is easy to know them. They include that S-Word. No it is not the three lettered S word you might be thinking about. It is in fact the Six Lettered S Word. Can you guess what it is? Listen up and let me tell you the secret...
It is in form of a story. Of course a personal story that has been taking shape for quite some time now. Most people will understand when I talk about 'My Jog To Success'...a personal documentary on my journey to Success, Greatness, Significance and wealth.

I will tell you this before I digress...something I am so fond of doing, that YOU are the most important ingredient to the attainment of WHAT you are looking for. Not the President...not the almighty Dollar...not your wife or your mother-in-law...and of course not even your spouse.(although all the above are crucial...subject to another day's discussion)

And now to the story...As usual, I was jogging the other day. It was a different day. At, at the five Kilometer mark, I see a guy coming from the opposite direction (down hill for him), he stops, stretches a bit and takes off jogging in the direction I am taking. Naturally, that depicted a contest. I as usual, maintained my pace, and as such, got closer and closer to him. However, the closer I got to him, the more he increased his speed...and I just could not catch up with him. Needless to say, I ran out of breath, and this mysterious jogger disappeared into the mist feeling victorious no doubt. 

That left me pondering on several things, including the thoughts in this post. However, when I was on the second leg of the circuit (a seriously steep and long hill-Kampala is a hilly town), a very tall, slender and fit 'athlete' (not a guy anymore) zoomed past me and just went away. I knew instantly when he passed me that there would be no contest whatsoever...even if I dared! He was in his own league. I really thank him so much since his cruel actions that morning gave me much needed feedback in two things:

a) My Personal Race and
b) My race against others.
Here is the thing. We were both on the same track, yet running different races...and am referring both to the 'mysterious guy', as well as the 'athlete'. Now this is that is the crux of this post today. I have no idea where these guys came from...neither to date do I know where they were going. Same applies to them. They might have gone away thinking they just won a small battle...yet they have no clue what 'battle' I was fighting that day.

It was a Battle for my personal Best. Our lesson is obvious here. Build your own stage, run your own race, instead of losing steam trying to play 'catch up' with people who are making progress in their own personal lives.

When you get your own race going, I also found out this: that I am the most conceited individual there ever was as far as my personal race is concerned. Conceit comes when we are busy preparing ourselves. I race against myself and my personal best time.  

When I win, I get satisfied. The most important thing is not that I am actually racing...the most crucial thing is that I should learn to convert my personal best into a competing base that can stand the test of a championship.

To be on the cutting edge in my niche, I must get personal...and get started. Then I should strive to win the battle of conceit against myself by participating at the world stage. Only after I have won my personal best will I be relevant to others.

For example, every motivational speaker worth their salt have always had something personal from which they draw motivation. A personal conquest. May be with in the case of Tonny Robbins. May be with habitual negative behaviours. May be with a project. It is the roots principle here. The best motivator there is around the world has personally raced against themselves and prevailed. 

This reinforces my the argument that...there is no 'SECRET'....and that is the S word I was talking about. It is you. What are you looking for? Where are you going? What do you want? You are the most important ingredient in bringing those things to reality. Before I can change the own private world has to be in order. For those who have already started working on their personal best, my call is for balance. It is very easy to get engrossed in your personal project that you forget that it needs to be tested and relevant to the world.

It is time to expose what you have been keenly preparing in obscurity to the world. Whether you pass or fail is not the matter. It will however give us a very crucial feedback of where we stand with ourselves. This feedback will be used to do better next time..when you actually fail, it does not mean that you will NEVER succeed in that only shows that you are not YET ready. It also gives you the ACTION POINTS you need to implement back at the Personal Best Level.

The second thing that I learnt in that morning excursion is this: That the greater 'the interval of persistence', the longer it takes for you to become a master. Mastery of course is a matter of time and effort, lubricated by momentum. Good momentum is created with a small interval of time in between taking repeated and consistent action.

The Third thing I learnt that glorious morning is this: That champions are not made today. No, they were first champions in their own obscure races. In fact, championships are all about comparison of how well the competing champions have conquered themselves.

So, ladies and gentlemen. Where are you going? What do you want? What are you looking for? Is someone telling you to join them that they know the 'SECRET'? Listen the time you have gone round the world to discover the SECRET, you will find that YOU have always and always will be that secret. It's time to strap on some jogging shoes and compete against thyself...only then can you stand at the world championship.
Have a jog-full-personal-best day, wont you?

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