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Some few days back, I posted something titled Kindred Hearts...how I was impacted by a friend of mine Thomas. One thing Thomas mentioned as he quoted Steven R Covey was about 'Independence', Interdependence, and Dependence.  We all need to grow to that level of interdependence...anyway that is another message for another day.

Today's post is nurturing the spirit of Interdependence. Yesterday, Monday the 23rd, I posted right here about  'Half Time'...a title I got from my friend Thomas. The response was very fast from another friend of mine called Rhoda. Her comments were long enough to necessitate another blog post. I have talked to her and invited here to write about her thoughts on half time. Therefore, for the very first time, Life Signatures hosts a guest to do a whole blog post. I am sure you will be impacted by Rhoda's insights, and will be looking forward to reading more from her.
Here goes:

Transitions are a big part of anyone's life 'it comes with adjusting, adapting,change en all that name them;Transition can be smooth or painful...'i bet both contribute to some growth ''but the reason why some has to be painful en others sweet is what we can never tell!

A half time can be so short for change and in other seasons sooo long for adjusting ..mostly others adjust and adapt ..while at half time...
But one thing is so sure that every half time ,gives an expectation of sorts...a wider vision....maybe a different perspective of things....and this is also largely a matter of attitude....the events there after or the result of the refreshing moment''' aka Half time...are always dependent on the attitude u come back into the game  with!!
U wanna win or u wanna lose? On the other side for what reasons do u want to win....

Namale saysHalf time is about analysis-Am saying it about Rediscovering-Re-encountering-Amending....Mostly we forget that Things Change and People go through Transition!
In the story of Creation,we learn a great deal in change,when God transformed the Earth that was then without form or Void!(u can imajine been in a situation to alter it as u go thorugh transition..how would you love to present it eventually?)......Now After the change on earth God looked and said it was good :He joyed in what he saw,what he brought forth from nothing ..maybe from 'nonproductive', to a productive earth...Genesis 1:1-31
But in within the changes that were so good came the transition of Mankind as well..(SEASONS)..
Again the preacher said it can be a time to rejoice ,to laugh,to cry,to gather,to scatter...name it..but remember the attitude ...u walk into transition with.
Transition period may need us to reconnect,recollect or abandon as well....this is where maybe ,just maybe the difference between joyful & painful transition is understood !
You may ask why and how:If we can just value the time of Transition''HALF TIME''..!

Mostly we don't want to Value TIME' during Transition just because we are too quick to leave the past & get onto the future....During this Half time...the most probable result is to miss out on Tremendous outcome just because we are in a rush to Move on...

One thing is soo sure its either going to be a''Dark Night of the Soul '' or A Dawn bringing Gladness...

Cheerz Namale

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