Monday, September 30, 2013

I Too...Could Kill

It's Monday 30th September. I am at office and I just can't work. Tears are close by. I am angry...I am furious. My heart is in little shreds. I feel so helpless and so hopeless at the same time.

"If I had a clear shot at the terrorists, I would have taken it" -Abdul
It is exactly Seven Days since barbaric airheads stormed into Westgate shopping mall in Westlands, Nairobi, hurling grenades and showering the public with bullets from automatic guns. They then proceeded to stage a four-day siege that had the whole world focusing on what would happen in Kenya. At least 60 people were killed, 175 wounded...and this is where the mystery is: countless others were taken hostage.

Why has it taken me 7 days to get this angry? During this saga, I was bed-ridden suffering from a bout of Malaria and so I had the chance to follow the drama closely. I believed all that the government spokesman said...mostly that 'the Kenyan security forces are in control'. That gave me a sense of relief.

I must admit that I never said a prayer for the victims and their families. God forgive me. I have absolutely no excuse for that.

Part of the operation to rescue at the mall. If this does not touch you, I don't know what will

However, today it just dawned on me that the information given to the world by the Kenyan Government was not the whole truth. I trust that the Government knows better than I do...and maybe I cannot fault them.

What sends tears to my eyes and causes this heartbreak to me is the knowledge that these vagabonds did actually torture those helpless hostages at the mall.

Maybe, my heartbreak is compounded with the fact that my family is half a continent away from me. I just cannot imagine a human being isolated from his/her loved one...and in the hands of a terrorist...being tortured. It breaks my heart to shreds.

I cannot imagine a helpless child yanked away from her parents in the hands of a barbaric terrorist. It kills me!
I am sure people have serious questions. Not just to the Government...but also to God himself.
Rescue Operations...

The anger and heartbreak I feel inside of me right now is massive. I have to be honest with you. If I had the power in my hands, I too would kill the terrorists without batting an eyelid. 

Not that I have been reduced to be a barbarian like they are...but that sometimes love demands violent response against those who hurt our loved ones. What happened to 'turn the other cheek'? You might ask. No cheeks were being slapped here...harmless lives were being taken by terrorists!

...and then those who are going out saying that it's God's will...I have no words for you.

Let me say it again...if someone was hurting my loved ones who are helpless and powerless, I too, could kill the terrorists. 

One of the heroes in the through this saga said that If he had a clear shot at one of the terrorists, he would not hesitate to take it. I would take several.

...and so I hear rumors that the said terrorists could have escaped through a drainage system...

One thing is for sure though: I need to repent for my prayerlessness...and I need to repent BIG TIME.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Opportunity Does not Knock Twice' is Half a Truth!

Do you know the one time when there is lots of hope all over the world? It happens across the world each year, it is a phenomenon! Nope, it's not a religious holiday. I am not talking about Easter, neither am I talking about Christmas.

It's not an American Holiday, so I am not talking about Thanksgiving. I am not talking about Eid. But there is this one day where people from all walks of life, young and old, in all the continents around the world share an unprecedented moment of hope.

You guessed it. It is the new year's day. Each year celebrations are carried around the world like no other day. People count down the minutes and seconds together. Never mind that Australia always does that ahead of everybody else, but the rest of the world joins religiously few hours later.

Have you ever asked yourself why this is the case? Have you ever asked yourself why there is so much inspiration at the beginning of the year to plan, resolve, dream and envision greatness?

There is just one answer to that question. The only problem we have is that we do this just once a year. Think of all the positive energy that we generate when we are celebrating crossing over, starting over another year once again? Think of all the hope that we give ourselves when we get this psychological start. You would think that January 1st has a different color from the other days!

The truth however is that it has the same value as the previous day...and the next day. It does not have less hours...or more hours. It does not have a different make up to it, it is the same as yesterday and tomorrow.

The reason as to why we all celebrate is simple. We have just allowed ourselves another opportunity to:
  • Be better,
  • Start over,
  • Dare,
  • Achieve a dream
  • Dream a dream
  • Make it right
...and so on.

The fact of life is that all the days of our lives, we will have those moments when things do not go the way they are supposed to...or at least the way we planned them to. We have an option here....or at least two options.

First, we can stick it out with what we are doing...trudge along with the negative results that we are getting while afraid to count the costs and change the strategy...

Second, we can accept the reality on the ground, wave the white flag of surrender and declare another 'new years' day with an opportunity to start over...this time round with better information!

Some people will tell you that opportunity never knocks twice...well they are just 'motivating' you to grab chances when they show up, but they are wrong! Human beings are alive today primarily because of millions upon millions of 'second chances!'

When you hit a crisis, you can call it quits...or you can embrace the newness of the moment to start over again. This way, we can give ourselves hope at any moment that a crisis hits us. They say that a crisis has two meanings:
  1. Danger
  2. Opportunity
Sadly most people look at the danger and fail to notice the opportunity.

It is my admonition that you would look at your crisis with the reality it serves you today, but also endeavor to embrace the new opportunity it affords you to start over.

How you can do that is another fact, it's a whole book titled 'Setbacks to Comebacks' coming out

at the end of the year.

Do you believe in second chances?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Forget the 'Prayer of Jabez'...there is the 'Prayer of Lawrence!'

Have you ever watched those Hollywood movies where a demon shows up, a priest comes against it brandishing a huge cross and starts reciting the following:
"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy Name...Mary mother of Jesus, pray for us..."
What I know is that if a serious demon showed up at my doorstep and I actually saw it...the prayer I will make will be real to that situation at hand. It will not be a scriptural recitation...I will basically be yelling... "Lord help meee!!"

So anyway... from my Christian faith, I have been taught about 'The Lord's Prayer'...basically a template that Jesus gave to his disciples that asked him to teach them how to pray.

We have to notice this was a general template that should be customized for personal needs at different times in different situations and for different purposes. Hot on the heels of the Lord's prayer has been what is widely known as "The Prayer Of Jabez". Jabez was a guy born in stressful circumstances...and his name actually means pain. So one day he prayed the following:

"Lord that you would bless me indeed, and that you would enlarge my territory. That your hand would keep me from evil and that it shall be well with me"
The Bible records that God answered that particular prayer. It has caused many Christians across the globe to take those words of Jabez and recite them verbatim so that they can get the exact results that Jabez got. I have no problem with that.

What I am championing today however, is the fact that there is an ever more powerful prayer than the prayer of Jabez. It is called the prayer of Lawrence. OK, it is also called the Prayer of Moses...the Prayer of Pauline, the prayer of Beth, the Prayer of Alice, the Prayer of Wamakonjio...I hope you get the point. In essence, you can simply insert your name there and it becomes the most powerful prayer you can ever use after the prayer of Jabez.

Let me explain. Jabez was personal about his request. It came as a concerted effort to break a lineage of distress...and a destiny of pain. It as specific to his condition and situation. It was as clear as it could get. He felt deep down inside of his heart what he prayed. He did not want these he needed them...and he needed them badly!

Let me be personal enough and just show you how the Prayer of Lawrence looks like. Are you ready? Here goes:

1.  Oh God that I may be so deeply in love with you and live daily in your presence, and maintain our intimacy!
2. Oh God, that I may impact the lives of millions through coaching, motivational speaking, preaching, seminars and workshops, on radio, and TV, and online, and speak hope to the hopeless and challenge millions to take personal action for their own life revivals!
3. Oh God that I may own my own home, raise my own family and be blessed seeing my grand kids, a godly lineage that impacts the universe!
4. Oh God, that I would be extremely wealthy and prosperous, a blessing to the fourth generation from me! 
Friend, when I pray the above (which I have included in my Dream Book) most often it comes from deep down my gut. I feel it. I want it...and I want it badly!!!

Here is the thing: Now that I have shared with you, you cannot take it and make it yours. Chances are that you do not feel so strongly about coaching, preaching, wealth, books, the media, speaking and so on like I do. However, you have your own dreams, wishes and desires.

Next time you want to pray, would you please be seriously clear about what you really do need and desire? Next time you catch yourself doing 'The Lord's prayer' or the 'Prayer of Jabez'...why don't you stop yourself for a minute and remember the prayer of Lawrence, or John, or Olive, or Rosemary...?

Makes sense, right? 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

About Sports Fans and Commitment...What to Learn?

More men than women world wide are passionate about their sports teams. One thing that amazes me is how we get to choose what team to cheer for. Of course there are biases here and there. Every time my former High School is involved in a competition, I will most definitely want them to win. That's normal.

What intrigues me however is this attachment that I have developed over one English Premier League team, Arsenal. I remember in the mid '90's, I used to be a Manchester United supporter...not a deep fan though. Those were the days wen the Nigerian football team was making Africa proud, for example by winning the gold medal in the Olympics.
Nwankwo Kanu

One of the stars of that team by the name Nwankwo Kanu underwent a heart surgery and when he came back, he joined Arsenal football team. I was sold. I immediately became a supporter. I was attached. I loved Arsene Wenger. Maybe I cherish the idea of the second chance that Kanu was given...but needless to say, that event alone swayed me.

What amazes me however is this disability to ditch Arsenal and support another team. It just is very unnatural. Believe me, I have tried. You see, Arsenal fans have suffered for more than 8 years now with no success winning a single trophy. 

Every time Arsenal is playing in the past three years or so, an Arsenal fan is simply a nervous least let me speak for myself. It makes no difference whether we are winning with three goals. If the opposition just squeezes in one goal...we all have this fear that our house of cards will come tumbling down. And that house of cards of ours has tumbled several times in heartbreaking fashion.

That is why I had sought do ditch this team and support another. I am here to tell you that I failed. I can assure you that the same applies to millions of men across the globe.

What do you call that phenomenon? Is it commitment? Is it attachment? Is it passion? Is it love? Well, whatever it is, I have always wondered why the same fans who are single-minded in supporting their team through heartbreaks will vacillate when things of eternal value matter.

  • Why would a supporter be so committed to a team...but be wishy washy with their dreams?
  • Why would a fan be so passionate about Arsenal and the same fan not be committed to his marriage?
  • Why would they be so attached like a tick on a cow to their team and keep changing their WORD without a thought?
That is something to think about.

I think I am one loyal guy. Not just to Arsenal...but also to other pursuits. Yet I think that one of the main reasons as to why we stay loyal and committed is due to matters of the spirit. It is because of our values.

In order to stay committed in something, I think you need to do the following:

  1. Find out what values you cherish. If in marriage, find out her/his values...if you share these, you increase you levels of commitment.
  2. Notice that all will not be smooth sailing. Your heart might be broken once or twice. You might be disappointed. Remain steadfast when that happens.
  3. Stake your investment in it. Jesus said that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. For example, you never really gave a hoot about a particular company, until you invested with them....your heart was there. Invest in your pursuit. Invest in your dreams. Invest in your marriage. Invest in your children...when you do, your heart will have no problem being there and nowhere else.
So, today I will be watching Arsenal play Sunderland...and I am supporting Arsenal as usual. How about you?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some Thoughts about Your Next Level

"The difference between seasons is an instruction" ~ Dr. Mike Murdock

Who wants to go to the next level? All of us. Without an exception. The question is how do we go about going to the next level?

Many people take the 'next level' to mean something thoroughly major in their lives. For example it was a next level for me when I...

  • Got my first job,
  • Got married,
  • Earned a thousand Dollars,
  • Got two kids,
  • Was interviewed on TV stations,
  • Hosted a radio program....
..and the list goes on and on.

The major thing about a next level is not just getting there...but staying there long enough to make it a platform for the next level!

Now that I got a I have a better job years down the line?
Now that I got I still happily married?
Now that I earned a thousand I earning more than that or at least still earning the thousand?
Now that I have a family...are they thriving and happy that am the hubby and daddy?
Now that I was interviewed on I still sought out for my value?
Now that I hosted a radio I still sought out for my impact and value I provided?

Something interesting about next levels is that very many people are frustrated not to attain them. The reason is that they take for granted very many things. If it is not a grand thing like a wedding/marriage, then people think that they have never experienced a 'next level'.

The truth of the matter is that your next level is a milli-second away...once you make a decision or you follow an instruction. 

Most people are waiting for the government to change, the spouse to change, the kids to go to college, the kids to come, and so on so they can get to the next level. There are very many areas of your life that you can experience the next level solely by your own initiative:

  • You can have the next level in your spiritual life by making a decision about's in your hands
  • You can have a next level in your health...about how you eat and exercise,
  • You can have a next level in your mental health...about how many hours you can steal from your TV and read something instructional
  • You can have a next level in your marriage and relationships...deciding to make it thrive by accessing as much information that you need as possible
  • You can have a next level in your life signatures by deciding to live to leave a legacy daily.
The truth is that it might take time for the next level to fully mature...but that does not mean you cannot start experiencing or walking in it today. Here is the thing though: those major next levels we normally look out for...they come from the small next levels we are able to put together consistently. That means that the small must be celebrated just as we do the major next levels.

I need you to start living your very next level in the area of your choice in life today. Can I hear an Amen?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Flip Side of The Secret Formula to Success

"If you love it, if you believe in it, if you believe in yourself, and if you’re willing to work your butt off, you can march to success doing it YOUR way" ~ Jeffrey Gitomer

I know, I know. I have already talked much about secrets in the recent past. It just seems that my flow of thoughts has been on this subject for a while.

Any one guaranteeing you that a certain 'secret' will most definitely work for you like it did for them are not being sincere...unless of course they are selling a pill.

If I came to you and told you that I have a 'secret' that has made me a successful writer and that it will most definitely work for you, I will not be sincere. Why do I say that?

Because to be honest, I do not know if it will work for you. It did work for me...but it just might not work for you:

  • I cannot guarantee that you are as passionate as I am,
  • I cannot guarantee that you will be as consistent as I was,
  • I cannot guarantee that you will be as committed as I am,
  • I cannot guarantee that you will have the same resources that I had,
  • I cannot guarantee that you have the same network as I do,
  • I cannot guarantee that you will use the 'secret' the way I did,
  • Your reason for success is not necessarily the same as mine,
So next time I show up with a 'secret formula', I should have a disclaimer prepared. I should tell you something like this: "I do not know how this will work for you, but it is what gave me success in such and such an area"

"The people who “pay for success” begin to reach for money based on greed, rather than earning money based on drive or love. More often than not, they fail at the process and blame the guy that sold them the formula (or the formula itself)". --Jeffrey Gitomer

In my early days of Christianity, I honestly thought that my local church was the best in the whole wide world. I could not imagine someone passing the opportunity to be a member of my church. To me, Nairobi Lighthouse Church was the wild card of churches.

I was so baffled when my closest friends and relatives did not see it that way...I was even much more baffled when they would be more passionate about their churches...which in my estimation did not have what my church did. In other words, I always thought, "These guys do not know what they are missing!" 

Boy wasn't I wrong or what?

So here is the thing: There is another side of a secret formula to anything. That side is this: How personal someone will take it in, and how thorough they will apply it!

Not all investment schemes work for everybody!
What works for one couple to spice their intimacy is not guaranteed to work with another!
Not all secrets of earning money will work for everybody...especially if the W word is not included (WORK),

Not everything that I am excited about in terms of my success will work for everybody else!

Granted, if it has worked for me, it could work for everybody...IF (and that is a big IF) they do their part of the bargain!

If someone shows up in your office and sells you a success formula that guarantees you things without your them the's a faster way out. OK, am kidding...but you get the point, don't you?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Traditionally, we have teachers and then we have school over a period of time. Once that period of time elapses, that's the end of school, teachers as well as 'official learning!' I remember that time like it was yesterday.

I remember after sitting for my Primary Level Exams, it felt like I had been released from prison. I was proud of myself...and more upbeat because there would be no sitting in classrooms again...even if it was just for two months!

But let us back up a little and really scrutinize the function of a teacher in traditional schooling set ups. A teacher would research, organize lessons, teach, give assignments and mark the assignments. In between, a teacher would be 'whupping' a pupil for any and every mistake made...part of the reason why finishing school feels like being released from Prison.

Well...before you can have a negative opinion over me, let me say that teachers are the bedrock of society...well...good teachers. Now...good teachers are not just the ones certified to teach...everyone in society can teach something. 

To be fairly honest, we all do need teachers not just as we are growing up, but we do need teachers all the time. The moment we stop being in the presence of a teacher in all aspects of life, that is the moment that we start deteriorating.

In this day and age, the traditional teacher is under threat. I can post my assignment on a blog...and give you access to it...and I can also google just about anything that I want. The role of research reserved for teachers is becoming extinct.

Arguably, the biggest role a teacher plays is to track your relation to what is expected of you and in proportion to your ability. Now this statement alone is one of the biggest misfortunes of the world we live in today...that we must wait for a teacher to track our performance.

When it comes to intentional living all teachers must be fired, and we must hire ourselves right there and then. We must be the ones who know what we really really really want...we must be the ones that know exactly what it takes to get it, and we must be the ones to move from point A towards point B in order to get what we really want.

Obviously, this means that we must be the ones who will track our own progress, review our days and weeks, note our failures, note our excuses, note our obstacles, notice some recurring patterns and ultimately make the correct adjustments...on a daily or weekly basis.

Students wait for three months to get the results of their term performance. They also wait for a whole year to know if they will be promoted to the next level. They also do wait for years on end to know if they are getting closer to graduating.

However, when we fire the teachers (read that we are tracking our own performances), we get immediate feedback. In fact, we do know ourselves better especially when we are tracking something that we have inspired ourselves to attain.

Honestly, I still do not understand how I have come through all these years of my life without reviewing my days. But now that I have 'fired all the teachers' and tracking my own performance, I now know that one of the greatest enemies in my life is the guy staring at me in the mirror...not a fellow student competing with me in the same class.

After all, in this life, our desires, dreams, goals and ambitions are personal!

Are you ready to fire some teachers?

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