Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The Barclay's Premier League chapter 2010/2011 came to a close yesterday. A new record was set for the highest number of wins ever since inception, 19 by none other than Machester United. For Arsenal fans...the best you can do to disarm the 'ManU' fans is to congratulate them. It is only wise and gentlemanly.

Well, as usual, I come up with analogies that reflect on a Visionary's Life. I firmly believe that life, all human life is tied to a mission. No human life is useless. The life could be as short as grass, or as fleeting as wind...but it sure was meant to impact 'others'. That has been the gist and the message of this blog from inception. That is why we have talked about Life Purpose, Life Mission, Life Signatures, Goals, Vision and so on.
You might think that I chose a wrong topic for this post...but hang in just a minute. Of late, I have tagged my posts as 'Transition'. I have talked of moving from one season of life to another, and how crucial mastering that transition is to any visionary. I had promised to title one of my posts around a title that i got from my kindred friend Thomas...and here it is today.

Half time. That is the time where mostly in a sport, the competing teams take time to rest and reflect on how they have performed in the first half. It is also the time that the COACH who has been analyzing the first half takes time to inject in new STRATEGIES and TACTICS in order to either COMEBACK, MAINTAIN, or totally VANQUISH the opposing team. Half time is extremely crucial.

For a Visionary, there is and always will be a MAJOR HALF TIME in your life. This is where a distinction is made between SUCCESS and SIGNIFICANCE. The first half of a Visionary's life of course is all about accomplishing his or her goals. The second half is about reaching out to OTHERS and helping them accomplish THEIR goals so that in turn they can reach out and help others with their game.
At times, transitions from one season of life to another should be treated as HALF TIME. The reason as to why you see no progress in your life situation at the moment could be that you are at HALF TIME. This is great news since you are always guaranteed of the SECOND HALF. Life offers us again and again the opportunity to have several SECOND HALVES.

  • Do you know what game you are playing?
  • Do you know what HALF it is?
  • Do you have a COACH?
  • Do you realize how important a Comeback is?
Half time is about ANALYSIS. Someone once said: "A life not analyzed is not worthy to be lived" ....I guess that must have been Jim Rohn. Anyway, my admonition today is for all those who are in 'HALF TIME'...Second Half is coming....Your Latter is MEANT to be greater than your past....you have been

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