Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On May 28th 2011, a certain group of people were handed a very rude lesson in football. The whole world over agrees that in the Champions League Final, Barcelona simply outclassed Machester United in every department of their game. As a matter of interest, I back-traced the reactions of 'Man U' fans through Facebook as the game progressed. Some were extremely optimistic in the 86th minute that their team would turn the tables on Barcelona as they did on Bayern Munich some memorable years back.

In other words, never say die. It is not over UNTIL it is over. Better yet, 'we will comment when the FINAL WHISTLE blows'! I love that tenacious spirit. I love that outlook on things. It is admirable. That is what we are talking about today...the Spirit of Full Time.

Every visionary will agree with me that there comes a time or a season where you do not understand what is going on with your life situations. You are faced with impossibilities. Circumstances around you are way beyond your control. There is close to nothing you can do other than submit, surrender and let the lesson be learnt. I have fondly referred to this season as 'Half Time' in the last several blogs.

A powerful story comes to mind.  The Bible story of Joseph. A dreamer! A Visionary. In fact, one translation of the Bible calls this guy a MASTER DREAMER! Yet, he faced moments that were screaming the exact opposite of his dreams. He dreams of being a mighty leader, yet finds himself serving as a slave, then as a prisoner. A question goes begging...at that moment that the Master Dreamer is a slave, being seduced by the woman of the house, and in prison, is his dream VALID? Does it still sell? Is it still Valuable?

Before we can get an answer to this serious question, we need to consider what a Dream,or a vision is. A dream is in the Infinite. It is in the Invisible. Otherwise, it would never be a dream or a vision. In other words, the physical state of things at the moment might not be a representation of the dream or the vision. It is like a seed. You cannot judge how the seed is germinating by looking at the seeming barrenness of the ground in which it was planted. Invisible to you, the seed is germinating.

Now to the question. At 'half time', is the dream valid? The answer to this question is profound, and it is an emphatic YES! It is only a matter of...FULL TIME. This guy had a 'Full Time' spirit on him. Relentless dreaming. Holding onto that which he believed knowing that though it delays, one day...it shall surely materialize.

Yet the most intriguing thing in that 'half time' season that he went through is the ACCESS he had to government secrets. I am almost sure that his Master had 'meetings' in his house with high ranking officials. They would of course discuss pertinent issues of their government openly...not fearing the slave since to their minds, he will always be a slave.

This is a MAJOR lesson we all need to learn. You might be a 'Slave' at half time...yet a Prime Minister at Full time. That is when the vision speaks of itself. Yet interestingly enough, you have all the options available to you to drop out of the game. This is mostly because you cannot 'see' the way things will change for the better. In fact, for Joseph, it grew from bad to worse. Yet it was in prison that he met the divine connections that linked him straight to the palace.

The tragedy for many people is that they blow their own final whistle of the game. They do not wait for the 'referee' to determine when the FULL TIME is. This is where they rob themselves of what they COULD be, do, or have. They never waited for the full time.
I challenge all the dreamers and Visionaries out there to carry their dreams full term. Never let go. Never say die. Never quit. Do not assess yourself until it is over. My question is...what is your dream? What is your biggest desire and Vision? Leverage the power of full time.

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