Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As I write this blog, I am thoroughly emotional. Not in a negative way, but in a sobering humbling way. It is one of those times that a man needs to retreat into his cave and just reflect, be grateful and just let the events of the day sink in.

The trigger of all these is my dear friend, brother, greatest fan and kindred heart, Thomas, who does a blog on We have been friends for years. Our friendship has been deep all through. We talk man to man issues, we deliberate about our fears, our struggles. However, most importantly, we talk about our aspirations, our purpose, our families. We share about our wives. We talk about how proud we are. When I talk to Thomas, for the most part there are tears that glisten our eyes...deep calls to deep is the only explanation I can give.

I finally met Thomas today after years. As you can imagine, time just flew. We met at around 4 p.m, yet at 9 p.m we were not yet through with our conversation. I could talk and branch off to topics upon topics before coming back to the real issue. The same to him. These are two men of like passions meeting like a spark would meet dry grass.

Talking to Thomas has drawn so deep from myself and from him. We have basically charged each other up and there is a fire simmering in our eternal and sanctified souls ready to consume and light up the world. That is what kindred hearts do. We charge each other up. We comfort each other. We build each other. We speak about where we are, yet most importantly, we speak about where we are going.

A visionary needs this kind of talk every once in a while. A visionary needs a friend who will affirm him. There is a project that I had kept pending, yet after meeting with Thomas, I know that project is long overdue. Thomas says, "Let the hindrance of this project be external factors and not internal factors". In other words, 'Go ahead Lawrence, do everything that is within your power to see this come to fruition, do not be your own hindrance.'

I feel re-energized and valuable, needed and useful to the world. Every visionary needs a close friend, a man or woman of like passion, a kindred heart. Someone whom you would tell what you are worried or afraid of. Someone you would tell your greatest dreams. Someone whom you would not be afriad or embarrased to talk to. We all need one.
The next two or so posts will be titled  from my deep conversation with Thomas. My question today is: Do you have a kindred heart? Do you have a man/woman of like passions with you?

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