Wednesday, February 13, 2013


“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things. Not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” ~ John F Kennedy Nearly 10 years before the Moon Expedition
In a soceity that is so religiously legalistic, it would be sinful to dream of fun, comfort, abundance and wellness. In my book, Permission for Greatness: Bridging the Gap between School and Relevance, I share a story about my mum. The way she used to promise us kids that she would one day take us to a radio station to see what takes place in the studio...

That is a form of dream installation. In a family where dreaming is no longer cherished, there is lots of unhappiness and distress.

In an organization where problem solving is emphasized more than dreaming and strategising, profits dwindle and people get tired.

In a life where we do not take some time to formally dream about a grand future, and passionately aspire to see it come to fruition, we die in installments.

I am meant to understand by the CEO of Dream University that there is a medical term called apoptosis. The explanation is that when your brain believes you’ve outgrown your usefulness (which can happen at any age—we see it most often when people retire, get laid off, experience an empty next), when people and organizations stop having vision, the brain sends a message to the body that it’s no longer needed.

At that moment, people, families and organizations begin to self-destruct. Why would a couple who just recently got married start having discussions about a divorce? Simple. They stopped dreaming. Before they got together, they had a massive dream about being in love, waking up together, comforting one another. Now that it is done…what next?

I do not think physical death is the greatest misfortune to humans. I think however that our greatest misfortune is to be living while we are dead…and that happens when we stop dreaming.

When a visionary steps out to do something and fails…it is when they give up on dreaming that they really become failures. We are all potentially loose cannons. If the bottom would let go, some people would be found in brothels…some would be leading a life that is a direct opposite of what they value.

Dreaming is a big thing. It is life to dream. That is why on the New Year celebrations, billions of people across the globe happily count down to a new dispensation. They are all excited to make it thus far, but mostly they are excited about what the new year offers!

It is death, although not physical, not to dream. However, dreaming is not all there is. I personally value dreaming so big as a personal motivational factor. There is life when I dream. There is however more enthusiasm to live when we are doing everything to do to activate the dream (s).

Dreaming is paramount to life signatures. All discouraged and distressed people need to dream. It costs nothing much to dream.

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