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One of the longest and most passionate searches in my life has been the search of 'my destiny'. Frankly, I do know of a human being who is not remontely fascinated by this all important subject.

I always was and still is hungry to know why I was created, why I was born. I always badly wanted to find the answer...and when I do, 'put my hands on the plough' with reckless abandonment and not look back!

Lawrence Namale: Life Coach/Motivating Speaker/Visionary.
Have I cried about it? Yes, I think a couple of times. I came to realize that for the most part the 'call' never comes dramatically and all at once. The call for the most part espouces a process of unfolding over time. The interesting thing about it is that the process you go through in discovering (or reconnecting) to your life purpose is indespensable...and always feeds onto the purpose itself.

That is why you will seldome have a burning bush experience. Those are for special urgent cases...and as far as we know, that experience is one in billions! The funny thing about processes is that not all of them are fun. Some of them can even be seen as a waste of time...but I have learnt that there is no process you go through that is wasted. No, not even one!

A call or a search? Both. We are all called, yet to hear that call, we must look for it through enduring processes and relentless seeking.

My call to 'Inspire Hope and Enrich Lives World-wide' must have started well before I was born. That is why I came to earth with special gifts and talents. I am an avid writer, a devouring reader, a big researcher. I am also a good speaker. I am filled with lots of empathy and compassion. All these things and more were inherent in me at birth.
Gifts and talents are the most obvious of 'tools' for a life purpose, they give an indication to what kind of purpose one has.

One day, a certain collegue intimated to me about a business deal that I should consider taking up. Interesting enough, that invitation came at a time when I was disgruntled majorly with what I was doing then. Life has a way of balancing equations. You ask questions, the aswers appear.

It turned out that the business opportunity was a network martketing thing. Needless to say, the man who was recruiting me into the business pressed my life exactly where it hurt. He talked of the restlessness in life. He talked of lack of finances. He talked of mediocre health levels. I resonated with all that. Then he talked about what I could do to improve and change my life--take on network marketting.

I never did...yet I was never the same again after that meeting. My antenna was up again, seeking to receive important signals for my life Signatures.  I was so inspired with the talk that I started telling other people the same thing.

At the same time, I was a leader in the Local church...trained about small group dynamics and leadership in general.

As a leader in my professional work, part of my retinue included motivating and inspiring the workers to be more productive. This meant taking in more research hours. The more I researched about this, the more I realized how deeply caring I was about this subject. I never knew a thing about Coaching...but It showed up in my researches.

One day, in my quest to write down my personal vision, I went through a very thorough and orchestrated process by one professional Coach. Going through my values and my mission, I realized that "Inspiring hope and enriching lives world wide" was all that I cared about in life. Since then, most of the things I do revolve around this.

As you can see, this was not an abracadabra magic wand kind of a thing. It took time. It was only realized when I became deliberate  about my search. Can this process be shortened? By all means! The shortcut is being urgently deliberate instead of sitting and waiting for God's voice to boom from the heavens.

Look out for hints and tools for a life purpose. What you are passionate about; what thoroughly infuriates you; your heartset; your skills; your giftings and talents. If what you are doing is outside of all of these, you are missing the point.

Have a discovery week, wont you?
  • Inspiration works
  • Follow the trail
  • Be open minded
  • Embrace the nothing else centrally but the call.


  1. "do nothing else centrally but the call." i needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for reading...nothing else but the call...and that is the call.


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