Thursday, February 7, 2013


For those of you who love statistics, here is one: Out of every 1, 1 will die...and guess what? That includes you!!

And me!

And all our loved ones...

And all our ENEMIES

And all our rivals...

And all the current Presidents, Kings and Queens, even though we salute them by saying "Live Forever!"

OK, so with that small detail being settled (and by the way, it is small because it has been that proverbial elephant in the room), the most important question to ask is not when we will die...but how will we die!

Anybody still interested in the subject? I am. So let me go on. A few days to New Year's eve, at around 1:00 am I was woken up by a loud and disturbing bang. Two vehicles had been involved in a nasty accident...a lady came out of one of the vehicles screaming and calling on the Name of the Almighty.

I do not know why I was that frightened. I do not know why that situation happening to somebody else was affecting me that big. Suddenly I realized how fragile life is, and I kept saying it aloud again and again that life is fragile. Death had come unannounced.

Yet, it is possible to announce one’s death! Moses, the man who is depicted in The Prine Of Egypt is historically reported to have walked to his funeral…he knew his time was up, his assignment done.

Several years earlier, his great grandfather knew that his time was up…gathered his family around him, spoke his last, gathered his feet back on the bed and breathed his last.

In our generation, Kenneth E. Hagin is reported to have told people few days before he passed on that his work on earth was finished. Then he passed on shortly after.

Apostle Paul wrote: “I have made a good fight, I have come to the end of my journey, I have kept the faith”. Shortly after, he was executed.

Jesus Christ himself spoke of his death more fondly than any person who ever lived. It was at His crucifiction that it is reported he died on his own accord. Read here for details.

So how can we choose our deaths? I have several suggestions. Looking at the characters above, they had a life worth living. The best way to select your death is to have a life worth living! They knew why they were living. Some of them were so clear on their assignment on earth so much so that they knew when they were done.

I have been caught several times telling people that it is not easy for someone to die once you have identified your why of living…until that why is accomplished. Why do I say so? Well, it is because there is no other reason of your being alive, save from that why. Think about that.

  • ·         The first way to select your death is to reconnect with your why of being alive in the first place. When you get sold out in dispensing all that there is to dispense of your why of existence, you kind of get the sting out of death.

  • ·         The next thing to do in selecting your death is living all out daily a life governed by your life purpose. There are two paramount things at the point of death: Regrets or Peace. How we live today determines which camp we will fall into

  • ·         Thirdly, no one is afraid of death that chooses to die daily. This is a big one. Choosing to die daily is basically living a disciplined life. It is having the nerve to say no to the unnecessary and to be totally in control of one’s life. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest decision mankind faces on a daily basis.

I have heard people expressing their fears on how their bodies will be treated when they are dead. Frankly…I don’t give a hoot! The biggest concern we should have is how richly we lived, not how we will be buried.

So…how do you choose your death? Simple. By choosing how well you will live.
Have a decision making day, wont you?


  1. That was very inspiring Lawrence, one needs to choose the why in their life....awesome read

  2. Joseph, I am really glad you are reading and that you are inspired. Pass the word around about this article...on your facebook and twitter please. Stay inspired.


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