Thursday, October 4, 2012


Public servants in several countries have been known to subtly request for their hands to be 'oiled' so that they can speed up service delivery. It's called corruption.

The philosophy of oiling hands sounds so bad, but you will have to realize that the psychology behind it is a good motivational force. Let us face it, happiness is a great ingredient of creativity and doubt about it!

First off, asking for 'facilitation' to do what you have been employed to do is essentially wrong. I am in no way championing it.

However, from experience, I have come to realize that psychologically there tends to be an increased percentage of service delivery, creativity, productivity and the phenomenon I call "running with a smile" when some one's hands are oiled.

Let me explain: You are happier with some cash in your pocket than when you don't have any. That is a universal truth that nobody can deny.

You are more motivated with your mind freed from the worries of basic needs to commit and concentrate on your vision. In fact you are more creative and happier.

A visionary is working on a project, most of the resources needed for this project are available~Capital, networks, airtime, et all. His hands are essentially oiled. I have seen that such like visionaries have a much better return than those with dry hands. 

In fact, I have seen those with dry hands literally struggle, their faces screwed up in thought, their creativity nipped in the bud. I have seen them spend much more time looking for oil than working on their vision.

I will submit to you that it is better to work with oiled hands than with dry ones.

Long time ago, a certain king gave a bizarre order that no soldier could eat anything until the king has avenged his enemies. Unbeknown to him, his own son was out of the meeting doing exploits...and he happened to taste some honey later on.

He instantly gained lots of strength, yet the rest of the army would not as much taste the dripping honey. What a waste it was that day to go to war with dry hands so to speak.

In our life signatures, there is that pendulum that oscillates between oiled hands and dry hands. The challenge for all of us is to make sure that we maximize the moment of oiled hands and never give up on the moments of dry hands.

Did you know the greatest need that we human beings have? It is not tangible. It is not material. However, tangible and material things can sometimes contribute to meeting this need: Happiness! The shortcut of being creative is happiness. The shortcut of a happy marriage is making your spouce and yourself happy.

The shortcut of increased productivity is making a work-force happy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the philosophy behind oiled hands.

Have a happy week, wont you?

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