Monday, October 1, 2012


I have come to cherish little things...small things. I have come to realize how important a small shift is critical in life. Sometimes it is not the, polemics, grandeur, shock and awe that make a difference. Sometimes it is one small little thing.

Am meant to understand that it was a single vote that gave Adolf Hitler the reins of power in his party before he became the leader of Germany. I heard a rumor some decades back that a prominent country made a decision to be English speaking and not German speaking by a differnce of one vote.

Did you know that without one dollar in a million, it would not be called a million dollars?

One of the most interesting 'small things' as you will are ideas. What are ideas? Nothing but that still small voice. They have a way of passing through our minds when we are relaxed. A great mentor of mine has these moments when he is showering, and so has called them 'Shower Power'.

The success of our Life Signatures is strongly linked to that still small voice that speaks to us involuntarily. It is from that still small voice that great visions have been brought to fruition.

I would challenge all visionaries to take note of that still small voice  whispering to you on a day to day basis. Prepare to capture the moment when that voice speaks. This post by the way was inspired by nothing else but that still small voice...and so are many other posts on this blog.

Today, the difference maker in my life will depend on how I choose to respond to the silent whisper in my soul.

The voice could be small. It could be as benign as a whisper, but make no mistake about it: your response to it needs to be calculated, anticipated, reflective and thorough.

Yet through the trap of familiarity, very many people ignore the still small voice. The trap of familiarity tells you that you did not sweat for the it is not important. Am sure that a big percentage of the contents of the still small  voice  are powerful enough to alter my life, my community, country, even the world and generations after me.

If you knew that someone would be whispering to you on such a powerful way to impact your generations on a daily basis (if you implemented the whispers), how would you treat that still small voice? 

Have a listening week, wont you?

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