Tuesday, October 9, 2012


For the past several weeks or even months, the subject of listening intently has been in my sould again and again. I just cant seem to go past it. I just cant seem to go past the need of savoring the stillness of the soul and get direction in the short-term, interim and long term. It is critical.
We live in an overly scientific world where all concepts must be explained by empirical data, proven by experimentation and ascertained independently. In short, we live in a world where anything apart from evidence is considered woo-woo and super-spiritual.

Look, all of us regardless of age, creed, status, political affiliation, spiritual inclination or whatever else that differentiates us, all of us have that extra sense. It is like our authentic police, always looking out for us. The extra sense always wants us to be congruent. In the end, the extra sense once adhered to will save us enough trouble ahead, and give us the most harmonious path to take right now.

That extra sense is what will look out for you that all the decisions you make including where you will live, work, whom you will marry, and all those important decisions are in line with your life purpose. Everyone of us has that extra sense.

I am told that women have it more developed than men. That is why it is absolutely important to listen to your spouse. My wife had misgivings about a friend of mine...and I could not see why that was so, until he swindled me of some cash.

On a personal level, last year I had it clearly from the extra sense that the organization I was working with would go under...I never took action. I have come to learn that sometimes no amount of prayer, hope, hard-work, connections and all our physical and spiritual efforts can change the warning signs that the extra sense deposits in us.

Sometimes it is through a dream. You do not need a degree in dreamology to discern the effects of a dream in your life. Most dreams are either of positive value or negative value. I am talking about dreams at night, not the visionary kind of dreaming. The extra sense communicates mostly through dreams.

At times, the extra sense is a benign uncomfortable feeling about a decision...there is just no peace about it. The controversy within self is to always solve a discomfort that is prevailing by orchestrating change immediately...yet the change must be ascertained through the message contained in the extra sense. 

Most of us have been in dating/courting relationships that the extra sense told us wont work. However, due to the fear of confronting the inevitable, we kept going...only to be doubly heart-broken YEARS later. If young people would only listen to that extra sense!

For some people, it has been a career/business decision that you have taken. I remember some time last year, I sought to borrow some capital worth USD. 50,000 to inject in some project. Although the lender liked me that much, they listened to the extra sense  and denied me the loan. 

I felt dejected...but if I were to meet this individual today, I would hug him, buy him lunch and really gratefully thank him for listening to the extra sense. If he hadn't, I guarantee you that by now, I would be serving time for defaulting on repayment.

All of us, especially most of us visionaries have that extra sense.  However, the most unfortunate thing is that that sense is mostly neglected. We mostly want to hear what is loud, see what is bright, and eat what smells good. The beauty of the extra sense is that it sees way beyond our noses, way beyond the hullabaloo of the pomps and polemics of the now, on to the grave and silent dangerous snares lurking our way ahead.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to listen, and It is time to listen more often, more intentionally, more deeply. It is not only time to listen, but it is also time to take a leap of faith and act on the admonition of the extra sense.

Have an attentive week, wont you?

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