Friday, October 12, 2012


I think in our present day and age, there are two fundamental things that are a hindrance to our life signatures. Our success, prosperity, greatness, wealth and significance have a direct relationship with knowledge. 
Yet in our day, we really can not feign ignorance, can we? I mean in just decades back, there was no google, yet people did splendid research in libraries. Today, at a click of a button and not just on a desktop or laptop, but even on one of the cheapest (yet original) handsets, you are connected to the rest of the world.

In the year 2000, my most coveted gadget was a desktop. Then, it was a rare commodity in society, a fact proven by my job as a 'computer instructor'. I would spend the whole day teaching people what I now consider mundane things like:
  • Opening and closing windows,
  • What a mouse is,
  • How to double click,
  • How to right-click,
  • What a computer is...
These days, desktops are not only as common as anything else, but they are soon becoming obsolete in homes, being relegated back to school...primary schools for that matter.

My point here is that we really have advanced technologically beyond any human imagination just few years back.

However, how we leverage these transformations in technology will be mirrored with how well we are fulfilling our life signatures.

The first problem we have is lack of courage to act on the information (and transformational information at that) that we have. I mean even in today's world, you can take a thoroughly scientific excercise online that will outline to you your strenghts and your blind sides. Yet with this kind of information, we still struggle with our life signatures. Why? We are cognizant of the fact that transformation is never micro-wave style, it is slow, ardours, time costing and at best uncomfortable.

It is not that we do not is that we do know but lack the courage enough to act with reckless abandon on what we do know.  That is our number one major problem.

The second problem we have with fulfilling our life signatures is a side effect of the technological advances. Many people are into micro-waving, while to be honest, every life signature will have to be marinated. 

I mean, at the click of a mouse, we can know the answer to a question, but that will never negate the fact that there is a means towards that end. Many people are interested in the end but are seldom careful to master the means.

Take for example the scribes of scriptures. Do you know that those guys used to commit chunks of scripture to memory since there were no enough copies around? Today, you can have twelve versions of scripture in your hand in digital format. You can search for a word, a character, use a dictionary, compare texts and so on.

Question: Does that make you better, more impactful than the guys of old? Think about it.

It seems to me that the more things change, the more the fundamentals remain the same and irreplaceable.

I got two questions for you. With the knowledge you have, even as minute as it might be, what other than courage is stopping you from realizing your life signature?
Secondly...let me ask you this: Are you at the moment engaged in something that guarantees you an end without your input on the means? 

Remember this: The fundamentals of success will be the same despite of technological advances. Think about that.
Have a technical day, wont you?

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