Monday, September 17, 2012


They say that as long as you have vision for where you want to go, nothing can stop you. Well, it could be true, but that does not mean that some things will try to stop you. Some of those things lie deep within my own self. 

Some of them are from the environment around me...yet I guess the biggest 'stoppers' of them all are those within me: fear, pride, lack of fire and ambition, laziness, ordinariness, fitting in, comfort, jealousy, inferiority, lack of preparation, lose of name it. If we can beat all these enemies within, the nothing can stop us message becomes more tangible than theoretical.

"No matter what you think, I say this is an Apple Machine!"
Yet, I think second to having vision, the biggest asset one possesses is the words of our mouths! What is the content of your conversation right now? In the midst of our relentless stoppers whether inside of us or outside of us...What are we saying?

It is absolutely critical that you and I possess the biggest positive mouth in the entire universe. It is absolutely critical that we also develop a thick and impenetrable skin that couldn't care less what someone else thinks about our big mouths. You see, people will always have something to say. 

I dare say that you and I must cultivate a character where concerning our vision, we are the first and the final word! That means that even before you speak out with your big mouth, someone might want to beat you to the punch and tell you how much inferior you are...and how impossible it is...and how your entire previous generations did not make it and you are no different.

It is not only people who will speak...but I guess the biggest communicators of negativity in our lives are those negative situations you find yourself in. Picture this...a man is destined to be a Prime Minister in a foreign land, yet he is a prisoner somewhere.

What does that situation tell him about his vision? Forget what it says...but remember what is in your mouth. Do not forget to tenaciously declare the vision with the biggest mouth you have absolutely nothing to lose, I assure you.

A man has a vision that in 2012, he and his family will be lifted up from obscurity to relevance and prominence, yet he finds himself in August being a guest of the state...obscurity indeed! What does that situation tell him? Forget what it says, but open your biggest mouth ever and declare still the vision. Believe me, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

The greatest tragedy we have in the world today is silent visionaries! When hardship speaks, they keep quiet. When frustration grows they are silent still. When impossibilities loom they silently nod in agreement with it. Listen, opening your big mouth to declare the exact opposite of the seeming impossibility is the key to keep you on track. Refuse to die. Refuse to die with your vision. 

You and your big mouth are a perfect combination for the moment. Do not keep quiet however impossible it seems...for then you will be agreeing with the death of your vision. I already indicated here how critical an audience of one is...

You and your big mouth are the most powerful combination against the inside as well as the outside stoppers. It is not only important to keep is absolutely necessary to keep that big mouth of yours wagging and waxing eloquent about your life signatures!

Have a 'speechy' week, wont you?

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