Monday, September 10, 2012


"It is so absurd that the man who engineered the 3 storey Ark would spend the rest of his life living in a tent" ~ Robert Kayanja

We all know about the compartmentalized life. There is the family life...and then there is work-life. Sadly, there is the church life and then there is the home-life. 

Why is it that there are compartments in people's lives. Why is it that there is a heavy leaning on one compartment and virtually total neglect of another? Why should there be compartments to begin with? And if there are compartments anyway, why should there be a dichotomy between my professional life and my home life?

A life Coach teaching people about goal-setting does not have goals himself/herself. A marriage counsellor is unmarried...or she has serious issues in her marriage. A pastor's wife envies his congregation and wishes she could get the attention they get.

Many people are so committed to the 'outside life' let's call it 'professional life', than their inside life...the core of their very being. Their motivation is that there are fruits found from their professional life that would help feed the inside life. They always say that they will sort out their core life...after. After they are married, after the kids are born, after the kids go to college, after they get a better job, after they change cars. 

This is wrong thinking. This is death in installments. I have been a victim of such a way of thinking...and to be honest with you, I almost always get back to the realization that I should have focused on the inside life in the beginning.

People go in circles for decades and half of lifetimes with this kind of thinking- chasing after fruits. Most of them are an emotional wreck after the curtain closes in on them. Their greatest regret is 'If only I had done what matters!' 

You see, what matters now, that small silent nudge about the focus on our core will at the close of the curtain condemn us. Then we will be helpless. Yet what matters right now is the scrawniest of lives across the globe, the most starved, the most procrastinated on. 

Ironically, what matters is what was intended to feed the professional life. What matters creates principles, values and frameworks upon which the fruit we chase daily can be replicated again and again.

Why should a talented writer neglect that talent and pursue other things? Why should a gifted orator neglect that gift in pursuit of daily fruit?

These are the lying professionals of today...and they are in droves across the globe.

It is time to stop lying on ourselves!

Have a reflective week, wont you?

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