Friday, September 21, 2012


No doubt that words are the most powerful weapons available to a human. Some years back while I attended a spiritual meeting with some friends, we were discussing about what we would rather have over the other: eyes, ears, a mouth, a nose, arms or legs.

We had a hilarious time hearing people defend why they would go for the nose and not the rest of the body parts…and so on.

Needless to say, we need all those body parts…they are of equal importance yet some have the functionality much higher than their ‘friends’. I single out the mouth. 

In the last post, we identified that there will always be opposition to the vision that you carry in the inside of you. I know of people who have carried visions for decades…yet at the moment, they do not even seem close to its fruition.

Yet you will never see them keep quiet about the vision. They use the big mouth syndrome. They have a thick skin that refuses to listen to any other thing contrary to the vision. They believe although they do not see. They will not be judged by seeming lack of activity on their end as far as the vision is concerned.

I will say it again, that with the weapon of our mouths, we are able to create impregnable defiance against all obstacles to our dreams and visions.

Yet I have come to realize that one of the biggest and most potent use of the big mouth is towards others! You have no idea what words can do to individuals whose own mouths are tightly shut in the wake of struggle, frustration and hardship.

I am not talking about careless words thrown around in an obligatory mode. I am not talking about soft careful words spoken to comfort and soothe, although those are needed.

I am talking about powerful words of belief and vision directly into the life of another soul. I read somewhere that if someone was told that they cannot make it, it takes about sixteen times of hearing ‘they can make it’ to neutralize that sting of failure in their lives. It is then the seventeenth time that catapults the scale to the other side of victory! How powerful the mouth is, both sides of fate!

Visionaries need to learn to use their big mouths to speak belief, positive vision to the lives of those around them. I see visionaries rising up even in families, greeting each other with big words of belief.
“Hi champion”!
“You are useful”!
“You are a world changer”!
 “You are creative”!
“You are relevant”!
“I see you going places that no other person in your lineage has ever gone to”!
You have no idea what music this is to a soul’s ears. Words create! People tend to navigate towards what picture a word has painted in their lives. I challenge people in authority over others, mostly parents to exercise that big mouth of yours well.

You have absolutely nothing to lose when you do this. Instead, you have creative power right at the tip of your big mouth. All I know is that this ‘power’ being released from you has a way of going round and coming back in a double dose hitting you and turning your life right-side up!

Come to think of it…do you know how much damage gossip and rumors do on a daily basis? See, that is the negative side of the big mouth. If that can be flipped to the right side and we start speaking big, positive life-filled words to each other: mother to daughter, husband to wife, teacher to child, child to child, president to nation, and here is the big one- media house to nation, we stand in a pole position in creating positive environments where life signatures can be nurtured.

That is why I will endeavor as much as possible to be involved in the ‘vision of words’, through writing and speaking. I realized some years back that my purpose on earth is ‘to speak words in season to those who are weary’. What a noble cause!

Many people give up because first off, they kept quiet, and second of all, those around them are tight lipped too!
Unbeknown to you, Your Words Could Save a Life!

Someone is a breathe away…literally, from committing suicide; from giving up on that marriage; project; or endeavor or even on themselves! Let us learn to exercise that power seated right under our noses.
You and your big mouth are revolutionary to say the least!
Have a creative week, wont you?

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