Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is a pleasure to watch a project at launch. The pomp, the polemics, the attention to details. The media attention, the advertisement, the road shows. The only product launch I have seen in the most recent past that did not give attention to details was the launch of Korean Airlines flight to Nairobi. Here is how they advertised:
“Fly to Nairobi with Korean Air and enjoy the grand African Savannah, the safari tour, and indigenous people full of primitive energy."

How these guys will recover from that gaffe will be something worth following. Kenyans are a happy lot (98th happiest world-wide) and as you can imagine, they are having a ball over that 'primitive energy' thing. Just search it on twitter when you are bored and your day will be made, I kid you not!

The Original Korean Airlines Ad.
There are two important things for the success of every endeavor in life. The first is getting started, and the other is sticking with it. I know that in our lives, there are numerous opportunities to get started and get going. There is no question about the energy, passion and enthusiasm at launch. 'Born again Christians' (am just wondering why a 'Christian' would not be born again..but then...i digress) would tell you that they remember their early days of salvation; how passionate they were. How uncompromising they were. How fervent, careful they were.

However, somewhere along the line, something happens. Yet it never happens big bang (nearly typed big bhang). By the way, when was the last time you heard of a 'big bang' apart from philosophy class? I digress again.

What normally happens? What creates a difference in passion at launch and at three years, or three months or three weeks? 

I believe one of the things that happen is small subtle adjustments. Let me say this, at launch people and organizations are normally THOROUGHLY PREPARED. They leave nothing to chance. It is lots of work, just like much energy (not primitive though) is needed to launch a rocket to space. As time passes however, there is one killer serpent of brands and vision that creeps in sometimes Unbeknown.

That killer serpent is what I call FAMILIARITY! You know the saying: It breeds contempt. It works this way: One day, due to one thing or another, you do not have enough TIME TO PREPARE as you usually would. Then what happens is that you 'crash course' yourself and at the time of 'going live' you actually pull it off! Then guess what? Bing! Newsflash: "I can actually crash course my preparations and pull it off!" And that, my friend, is the DANGEROUS ADJUSTMENT that I am talking about, much more dangerous than a group of villagers with primitive energy can kill six marauding lions.

Some advice:

  1. Take some time and rest, reflect and review the vision
  2. Get feedback from: a) Your haters and b) Your Mentors c) Your Fans.
  3. Hook up with thought leaders in the same project and 'keep the conversation going'
  4. “Fly to Nairobi with Korean Air and enjoy the grand African Savannah, the safari tour, and indigenous people full of primitive energy." 
#Am just saying you need a vacation!!! And so do I! Have an awesome weekend to revitalize your Primitive Energy, wont you?

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