Monday, June 18, 2012


I have been writing of late on a subject dear to my heart. I have titled it, "Permission For Greatness". It is a book that I will be making available in the coming days. In this book, I tell of a harrowing experience that I had some few years back in the line of duty. In a space of one week, I was involved in two accidents. One of those accidents involved rolling with a car, and coming out with few bruises here and there...the car suffered extensive damage, yours truly still lives.

The following week, this is what happened: 
I remember vividly the day I was driving from Kampala to Jinja in a company vehicle. Half-way through the journey, there is this spectacle that happened that thoroughly shook me. Ahead of me, I saw a group of people hurriedly crossing the highway. I wasn’t driving at top speed therefore I had no reason to worry about them. However (as I realize later on), unbeknown (Key word here) to these people who were mainly women, a little girl about two years old was closely following them. The twist of the story here is that I thought that these women knew that they were with the girl, no wonder I was not alarmed in any way. 

Those two differing perspectives created an accident! This is how it happened. It seemed to me that they had already crossed my part of the road, and were half way through the other part (for the on-coming traffic). I was therefore clear to continue. Now, the mama to this two year old child per chance looked back, and to her absolute horror, there was her dear little Resty, butt-naked trailing them on the road! The mum did what most people would do in a state of shock. She shouted at little Resty in absolute horror. The little girl was so scared that instead of running to the hands of mama, she ran RIGHT BACK onto the road! Now, this old boy who had ‘everything under control’ from my perspective did not have time enough to brake and avoid running over a poor little kid!

To this day, I cannot tell you what happened. I remember swerving. I remember braking few meters ahead, running back to see a crying Resty (thank God) sprawled on the tarmac. No, there was no blood, the kid was still alive. That that dear little life was saved from death by a car I was driving is a mystery. That this negligent mother to Resty later on wanted to cash in on this unfortunate incident is another mystery altogether, and that part of the story is for another day!

What was I talking about again? Oh yes, that little word…’unbeknown’. Unbeknown to you, little boy is watching, following, listening, learning, and slowly but surely, internalizing. That is how this thing works…you never know what they are picking up, so you better be conscious of the fact that…they will be absorbing something...unbeknown to the both of you! Accidents could be in the making in the life of a young boy or gal AT YOUR HOME because you are not conscious...and proactive.

Have a thoughtful day, wont you?

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