Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Let me ask these questios: Is it true that the more things change, the more they remain the same? Is it true that there is nothing new under the sun? 

Picture this: Our fathers and grandfathers never had the internet, cell phones, iPads, iPods, tarmarcked roads, Mobile Money, sliced bread, chips and chicken, major infrastructure and all the technological advances we boast of today.

Yet come to think of it...are we any better than them? No, am not talking about technology and develpment and dispensations and revolutions. I am talking at human and individual levels...are we better than our fathers? Are we more 'impactful' in life than they were in theirs? 

In terms of significance, are we better than our fathers were? How about wealth? How about greatness? I am talking at an individual level. Take a look at your past generations: Your grand dad, and your dad for instance. If we were to draw the graph of progression from them to would it look like? SELAH

These are life signatures questions that are seldom asked at many levels of development. It seems to me like we have been 'hoodwinkded' by technological and infrastructual advances. It seems to me like the more things change, the more they either remain the same or even become worse! Take a look at your Grand Dad, Dad, and yourself. Are my questions making sense?

If it is actually true (like I suspect it is with millions of families across the globe) that the graph has not been progressive, we ought to ask ourselves another question. Where is the problem? You would think that our levels of development would give us an upper hand as compared to the previous generations right? Do we really have that upper hand?

Why is it that my grand dad in his day owned a large piece of land, several herds of cattle, and some greatness and respect throughout several communities, yet that is not even half the case with nearlly all his sons and daughters? What happened to this: 'from glory to glory?' How come non of my grand dad's sons and daughters have exceeded him in terms of greatness and significance?

Where are our generations going? Are we really advancing as it were? No honestly. Take a look at yourself as an individual...not as a nation or as a generation...For real for real, are we advancing? If not, where do you think the problem is?

I will tell you where. The problem has been with our focus! What is the focus of our current generation? To answer that question, you have to go back and ask at the place where we are indoctrinated for at least sixteen years, school. What's the focus of our school systems? To answer that, you have to go to any person who is through with school. Ask them..."What now?" Their answer is almost always: "I am looking for a job". That, ladies and gentlemen, is the main focus  of multiplied millions across the globe. If there is anyone who never had that kind of a focus, would you please raise your hand up...we'll give you a standing ovation.

Granny never had a focus to look for a job! It started with Dad. My granny's focus was always about heritage and inheritence, significance and relevance in life. It is my call that the folly of my grand pa not mentoring dad and dad not mentoring me as far as the real focus in life is concerned will not be repeated again to the next generation.

Why? Because that focus of jobs is the biggest killer of potentials in many souls. That is why as things evolve, they continue remaining the same, at least for us. We got inheritance from our forefathers, yet we have little focus on leaving some for our next generation. That, my friend, is the biggest folly of our fathers, and that must of neccesity be nipped in the bud!

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