Thursday, May 10, 2012


Someone has said that success leaves clues. I say that is true. Someone else has said that if you think you are a leader and nobody is following you, you are like one taking a walk in the park. True. Greatness has a way of going beyond the vision bearer. In other words, if you think you are great, then you die and that's all there is about you-your greatness and success go together with you to the grave, I submit that you are not that great. You see, greatness ought to be about others and not about ourselves.

That being said, there is one very unfortunate thing that happens to young people year in and out. For some reason, most parents and guardians have abdicated that crucial responsibility of shaping Life Signatures to the school system. This is completely unfortunate. If I asked, I know I will get responses in droves where young people have come to the cross-roads of their lives and there is no adult 'in authority' to show them the ropes. I watched a movie the other day (based on a true story) called 'We bought a zoo'. I really laughed out when a teenager tells the dad that he has never taught him how to shave. The dad in turn tells the kid (who has now gone into his room and locked the door behind him), "let's shave son, lets shave!" Needless to say, that statement made my day.

Let me say this: If you are expecting a primary school teacher to train up the young generation on Greatness, Success, Significance and Wealth, you are thoroughly myopic. If you are expecting the school system to be present at the crucial moments of a young person's transition, you are mistaken. With all due respect, the School system must be lauded. Yet at the end of it all, I need to ask myself that one important question: What are the objectives of the school system? To educate people so that they can get jobs. That is OK. Now, have you heard of late of any vast vacancies out there? Any jobs waiting to be filled up? Yet, do you know how many young people are churned out of the school system yearly? Droves! Thousands!

I recently heard Loral Langemeier, a money expert, recount of how she was being interviewed on major media some time back. She was waxing eloquent about how to make money and all...when the interviewing journalist askend her, "Loral, what's your take on un-employement"? She immediately said, "I am contributing to it!" That sounded funny, yet the great point to take here is that life after school ought not to be an automatic job search. I have been championing for all of us who have been there at cross-roads, to be as kind as to look back and proverbially 'pass on the baton' to most of these kids standing at the cross-roads. A good population does not know basics in life like money, tithing, saving, planning, goal setting and all. Yet these are the nuts and bolts that we use out here in life to make a difference.

The unfortunate gap ladies and gentlemen, is when a young person stands at major points of transition in their lives and there is no adult to guide them through. I have been there severally. I am sure it would have been different had there been someone to fill that gap. It is my challenge today that anybody who is a visionary out there to consciously take note of the youths in your circle of influence and endeavor to 'show them the ropes'. Believe me, they are hungry for it. I have been there and I know it full well. As we do, we are offering them 'Permission for Greatness!

Have a gap-filled day, wont you?

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