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There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but in today's marketing, there is always 'added value.' "Buy two, get one free, register with half a million and stand a chance of winning twenty thousand...." and so on. Two subjects in today's post. Actually three major subjects. First off, the basics. Men and food. Secondly, the fundamental: Questions are answers. Thirdly, the whole point of where we want to go is 'what we have' to start the journey. 

Let us start with the third point. The question above is an excerpt from the Bible. I have been studying the subject of miracles for quite a while. I have noticed that the miracles and the miracle workers almost always required something of those anticipating the miraculous. For some, it was faith. For others it was whatever substance they had. You might think that a soul in adversity has nothing to offer...and you would be totally wrong. A soul in adversity has all that is left for a miracle! You can not count yourself out. You see, miracles are a partnership. Have you ever seen a miracle happen out of the blue...with no participation of a human being in terms of desire, faith, prayer, giving? Have you ever seen a field of corn rise up all by itself? Have you ever seen a seed die and come to life while in the granary?

In a visionary's life, there sometimes is a tendency to depend on a miracle coming from some place else. In that vein, there is also a tendency to neglect 'how many loves you have.' Jesus Christ asked his mentees that question before he could perform a miracle of feeding four thousand MEN. Now, am not into the details. Skeptics might dispel the whole story as a legend...but even then, the HOW is not really for the people in need to figure out. It is for the miracle worker. This kind of mindset will help us accomplish so much. 

Think of any vision that you have right now. Why is it called a vision in the first place? Well, probably it is because you have no clue on HOW it will materialize. All you know for now is that you are thoroughly desirous that it indeed manifests. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is extremely important for any Life Signatures visionary to ask themselves that all important question, in light of where we are going. What do I have right now? I am not talking about the accounting type of questioning...that is important. Yet I am talking about the insightful deep kind of introspection. "With what I want to accomplish, what do I have right now that I can immediately put into action in relation to where I am going?" 

For some, it is a laptop. For others, a parked vehicle. Others still, a blog. Others, a willing (yet unasked friend). Someone else might be having an Idea undeveloped. Still, someone else might be having a song...or shoes they do not need, or clothes extra, or facebook friends, or twitter followers. "How many loaves do you have?" The answer to this question is an open door to the miraculous, even a liberation from depression and self doubt. You will be surprised with the number when you start counting...since as we have said, questions are answers. Probably people do not have a count of the 'loaves' they have because they have never really deeply asked.

Of course, there is that small bit of putting your 'loaves' on the line. I perceive that the reason most people do not want to take stock of their 'loaves' is that that will expose the 'loaves' from getting out of their lives. Well, if there has got to be multiplication, there has got to be something to multiply with. 'Settling" is such a bad thing. I settle with a parked car ostensibly to maintain my status as a 'car owner' the expense of a vision...or worse still, I 'look down' on my 'loaves' saying, "Ah! They are just five loaves anyway. What can they do to server this massive vision?" Oh, that is a biggy, I tell you! The paradox of the miraculous is the use of our 'only' to achieve what we really need, hope, and desire!

Finally, men and food. Well, unfortunately, there isn't a Life Signatures message from those two...just that food is basic. There are basic needs and there are vision needs. At the end of the day, the life of a visionary should be spent for the most part pursuing Life signatures, than the mundane activities of putting food on the table and clothes on the back. That would be killing our potential. A world changer rises above the basics to the important ~being relevant and prominent in changing the stories of the lives of OTHERS.

Have a loaves-filled day, wont you?

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