Monday, May 7, 2012


Some years back, I heard a speaker say that the most unfortunate three words that a human being can ever utter are: "I don't Care!" I had been using those words like a cliche but hearing him speak, I immediately exorcised it from my vocabulary. Think about it. Why should you not care? Is it because you are selfish and self-centered? Probably. Is it because the 'results' are more critical than the people? Maybe. That sentence locates you.

In the recent past, we have talked about being VALUEable on this blog. We have said that it is far more fruitful to build value in yourself and what you offer than to seek for people to elevate you to heights of affluence. Think about that once again, because it is an important statement.

You see, the 'inside-out' message for all visionaries is simply key and foundational. When a visionary out-competes herself, when she can tell you without battling an eyelid and at a moments notice what her passion is, she is living the inside out message. A friend of mine Robert Bake calls it the 'lift speech'. If you met Bill Gates in a lift today and you had less than two minutes to share your passion so that he 'sees' it and 'gets' it...what would you say? That is another powerful statement worth reflecting on before you can continue reading. I am doing the same.

However, when all is said and done, the roots must supply sustenance to the branches, and the branches must yield the fruits. I believe with all of my gut that when we are passionately forming value inside of us, we automatically come to the level of using the Biggest Four-worded sentence of all time. Let me explain. People who are living the 'outside-in' message are always seeking for solutions from the outside instead of from their own souls. They say things like, "If only I can have a degree...", or "If only I had some money....", or "If only I had a king-maker..." And so on. You get the point.

The person who has been forming their brand and adding value to it over time will almost always say these four words: "How Can I Help"? Much as the focus in the foundation of this visionary was on the self, they are now at that position where they realize that the potential laden inside of them is for OTHERS. How can I help? This is said with absolute confidence that they have the wherewithal to provide the needed assistance...and if they cannot help, at least they have the necessary references that they can provide. Have you ever told off someone who told you "How can I help"? I doubt. And if you have, then you have surely doubted their SINCERITY. If you are doubting their sincerity to help, it is because they lack value.

Look, the world needs help. The moment we stop looking at ourselves with pity and notice that we need to come alive and offer solutions...that is the moment our Life Signatures become alive. When is the last time I asked someone, "Can I be of help to you?" How about you? That, my friend is another deep statement worthy of a week of reflection. How can i help?

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