Friday, October 28, 2011


Yes you! You are a sandwich. It does not matter where you come from, your color, religion, creed, nation or background. It does not matter your financial, social, or physical status. You my friend, are a sandwich! Now hold on just a minute before you crucify my 'allegation' not reducing you to my favorite food item or my worst food item for that matter. Follow me carefully.

So, ardent readers would have noticed that I have talked so much about 'My Jog To Success Project' in very many of my blog posts. Today's thoughts are coming directly from that project and they are hot and sizzling.

As usual, I went out there jogging. I met two types of people, and both of them were jogging. The first guy I met was going my opposite direction. Concerning him, I was able to reach my turning point, come back and basically overtake him! *insert smiles here!*

With the second guy, we have met before and I have already lamented about him in this blog. The last time we did not, he actually zoomed past me like some professional athlete (by the way...maybe he is), or as if someone had paid him handsomely to specifically achieve that fete.  On this latest occasion however, we actually met, as he was jogging my opposite direction. I shouted at him 'Mister, we are gonna have to talk one of these fine days!' He shouted back, "Alright man". It will be interesting to see what will come out of that conversation, I honestly cant wait!

Here is the thing. The first guy we talked about earlier was and still is so slow to such an extend that I can beat him any day any time. The second guy is so very first that he can literally make nests on my head as he jogs, and still beat me hands down. Right there is the whole recipe for a Sandwich! You see, there is always going to be someone BETTER than you in anything you are doing. There will also be someone a lot WORSE than yourself in what your pursuits. You are a Sandwich, get it now?

But get this straight. My success is not measured in how easily I build rings around the slowest in my success is actually measured by how able and how fast I am to catch up with the niche pace setter!. In other words, to really measure the strides I am making, the yardstick is a sandwich with the focus on the leader and not the follower. I have realized that if I am a Speaker, there are better speakers than myself. If I am a footballer, there are better footballers than myself...the same applies with writing, cooking, or virtually any area of passion. I believe it is TD Jakes who said that if I only surround myself with people who ONLY want to learn from me....then I am not growing.

Here is the thing are only a sandwich If you are in motion. Outside of motion, you are not even in the game.Two things happen in motion. Either, we are fleeing...or we are pursuing! From what I have learnt of late, I'd rather be in hot pursuit than in terrified flight! (I read a quote the other day that there are two things that can determine a jogger's speed: A weird guy tailing you, or a beautiful woman ahead of you...forget I said that)

So here is what I have decided to do...that just like I have sought audience with the Second guy, I will always want to be in the presence of my superiors. I have no problem accepting the fact that there is someone better than me. I have also noticed that these gurus or market leaders are so enlightened that they are only happy to share their 'secrets' of being on top of their game. So, I wanna find out these: Why does the second guy run that fast? Why does he jog daily in the first place? Who is he? What does he do? What does he want in life? Who pays him to overtake me that ruthlessly? Hahaha. Listen, there is more than 90% chance that the second guy is making changes in his area of influence. There is also absolute certainty that the First Guy is on top of his peers especially if they do not have a personal challenge like he does against himself. You know why? Both these guys are in motion!
Most importantly, the Sandwich himself, after realizing that PURSUIT is far much stronger than FLIGHT, he will certainly improve day by day. To be honest, we need both parties. We need the first guy so that we are not demoralized or discouraged with what we are doing. We however need the second guy to keep us in check and to help us not get into our own heads with conceit. Those are the things that I have learnt.
Take some time today and find out...who is your 'first guy'? Who is your 'second guy'? Make a list of your second guys and endeavor to get smack in the middle of their circles of influence.

Have a fooodious day, wont you? Hehehehe

“Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action. ”-—Orison Swett Marden

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