Monday, October 24, 2011


 A young boy was painting in class and had the following conversation with his teacher:
Teacher: Ethan, what are you painting?
Ethan: God's picture.
Teacher: But Sweety, no one knows how God looks like!!
Ethan: They will when I get through!!
I know, I know. Last time I spoke about God and miracles...and I know that can be a very thorny subject. I like 'keeping the conversation going', even within myself. That is why ever since I wrote about God being more of a Goal Setter than a Miracle Worker...I have kept going back and asking myself questions. Was I correct to say that? Honestly? The more I church these questions in my head over and over again, the more I cement my arguments. However, someone else somewhere might have a totally different view on this subject. Especially someone who as experienced miracles over and over. They will not necessarily buy into that stuff that God sets Goals more than He churns out miracles.

Needless to say, the 'line of best fit' is always and always will be that God loves processes, seasons, seeds and has placed all these things in a gel called 'Potential'. I was not going to talk about Potential today, but since it has surfaced, I will most definitely go with it to the very end...follow me carefully, you are about to be inspired.

A friend of mine gave me a DVD by a guy called Brian Houston...most people know him as the Pastor of Hillsong Church. (Another friend of mine in trying to be negative told people that they will sing valley songs instead of hill songs....hehehe). So anyway, as I was driving to Entebbe to give a talk to a group of young guys, I started listening to Brian Houston talking about 'Platforms!' What a powerful message. Mid-way into the DVD, he gave in the following story:

There is a guy in the Hillsong London church who was being inducted into Leadership. Part of the process involved him leading an 'altar call'...that is an invitation for those who have been TRANSFORMED by the church service to get saved. You see, the church recognized the POTENTIAL that this young and upcoming leader had. That is definitely laudable. Leaders, parents, teachers and all people in authority have that MANDATE to sniff out and recognize POTENTIAL and nurture it to greatness.

Truth of the matter is that each and every individual comes laden with thorough potential. Talk of gifting, talents and the 'environment' we grow in. They are all filled with seeds of greatness for us to do, have and be whatever thing that we are passionate and desirous about. Potential can never be always lies dormant when unused.

Do you know the greatest reason as to why people do not tap into their Potential? One of the reasons is an attitude of 'Perfectionism'. You want everything to be perfect BEFORE you can get started. I have learnt that the best to do with potential is to get started, obtain the general direction you would like to take, and adjust your focus as you go. The more I sit down waiting for the perfect SPOUSE, perfect JOB, perfect ENVIRONMENT, perfect, INSPIRATION or MOTIVATION, perfect MOTHER IN-LAW, perfect FRIEND, perfect CAR, perfect WARDROBE, perfect LAPTOP...and the list goes on...and on...the more I sit on my potential and make it dormant.

The antidote is to get started, like Bog Burg says in his book, "Ready, Fire, Aim". As you go, things start becoming clearer. As you follow the trail, you have no clue where it would lead you. The point is to be in motion. Just like the Hillsong the way his name is George (and am told as we speak, there are T-Shirts that have been printed in honor of the following stunt that he performed).

So, when George knew that he would be leading the altar call...the most immediate thing to do (and I totally applaud him for that) was to PREPARE. That is the same thing I do every time I am to appear on a TV Program...I go through my script thoroughly...if I don’t feel inspired by it...I just know that my viewers would have a bad I adjust. Now, George's preparation was in the following lines: "George Doesn't Know Who You are, But Jesus Does and God Loves you". So George repeated those lines again and again and again. And I applaud him here again. Repetition in 'purposed action' is the mother of Mastery! George literally became a Master in his trade.

HOWEVER, hehehe that is the Magic Word that can literally change the scale to swing from one extreme to another. So...However, on the very day that George was to give an altar call...there he was. All eyes were fixed on George. He was ready...and prepared. He stepped on the podium, took a microphone and blurted out the following words: GOD DOESN'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, But Jesus Does...AND GEORGE LOVES YOU!!! The church has never been in stitches at such a crucial moment where people's lives were hanging in the balance between heaven and hell....but not to never messed up their decisions. They answered the altar call in droves.

So here we are. You got serious potential inside of you. Doesn’t matter where you come from...President Obama's dad came from one of the poorest districts in Kenya. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin....or even how many years you have seen go by. The proprietor of WALMART opened his FIRST ever shop when he was 45!! Do not let your age, color, creed, background, fear or perfectionism sear your potential to dormancy. Rise up right away...and get started, one single and simple step at a time....over time, Your World, and probably eventually THE WORLD will know who you are.

Have a God-recognizable week, wont you? Hehehe. God knows who you are!!

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