Friday, February 10, 2012


A happy new year to everybody! Congratulations that you made it this far. You know, if we had no use to this world, we would probably be dead by now. Yes, even if you are longing for death at the moment...I am sure you are of use to this world, and that is why you are alive today.

I honestly wanted to start bloggign this year by the Title 'The Same Old New'...and am thinking the message therein is important and one day it will come to the fore. So 2012 is here with us once more. What a privilege!  What a great opportunity to be alive in this day and age! I have two thoughts to share as we start 2012 the same old new way.

A friend of my wife's joined the Army some few months back. When he came visiting, there was one message that was always on his lips. He said that whenever we see soldiers and security forces mingling with people freely, we have no clue, no idea what is at stake. We go out demonstrating about our freedom of expression but sometimes we have no idea what it takes to first of all gain that freedom and most importantly...keep it.

You see, the most involving part is the KEEPING...far more involving than the GAINING. Those are the two things that I need us to focus on. It kind of explains the massive reasons as to why many new year resolutions are as we speak a smoke in the wind. I just met a friend few moments ago. As usual i popped up that question: Whats up for 2012? He said, "Well, let's wait and see, last year was a series of exams, but now that I am alive...let's wait and see". My assessment is that he will probably do the normal ordinary survival in 2012, nothing of Life Signatures nature.

The crux of this post is the same old admonition. Before we can launch into the deep of 2012, it would be beautiful to dream about it. I always tell people that with dreams, you are not holding yourself responsible for their fruition. That way you are free to dream big. Just like the soldiers who are giving their lives daily for the sake of maintaining freedom and security, I also need to count the cost of bringing my dream to fruition. Nothing happens without a hidden hand...and it is the hidden hand that you can count on in 2012 to bring your dreams to fruition. In any case, the hidden hand is mightier than myself...and so I can pride in that fact and I can dream big....and if at all my dreams do not materialize...I have not lost much.

The tragedy in 2012 is to "wait and see". I would say that the best way to put it is: Let's see...and then wait (or work to manifest it). Big visionaries are already counting 2012 gone, done and dusted. Why? Because they have already seen it through before it actually ends. If there is someone out there thinking that we still have lots of time left in 2012, "I mean...its only February"...probably you have not dreamt.

I have encouraged people the world over to have a thematic approach in this year. Yes, you got to pay bills, advance your career, marry her, build that house...and so on. However, If you could take some time and identify one theme that you can devote all your life on in 2012, you will become more relevant and prominent than "waiting to see". After you got your theme, I believe it would be nice to identify some non-negotiables around it. Those things that must be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis to bring that theme to fruition. Before you know it, your family, your friends, your world, and most importantly the World itself will identify with your theme and most probably rally behind it.

That my friend, is the hidden hand I talked about...the hidden hand that will stay inactivated unless I venture by faith out there to fulfil my God-given potential....and that is the beginning of living a Life Signature!

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