Monday, October 17, 2011


Over the past few months, I have been asking my coaching clients one question, and I will ask it here again. "When is the last time you experienced a miracle in your life?" I do not know about you, but for the most part, IF at all they did experience a miracle, it is in the distant past. Now, I know that this can be a thoroughly controversial topic..however, I will say what I have to say about miracles.

First off, God is more of a Goal-Setter than a Miracle worker. To my knowledge, a miracle is a supernatural intervention in exceptional natural circumstances that literally freezes or shortens TIME as well as SIDE EFFECTS. Picture this: If God wanted the whole earth to be filled up when He said "Be fruitful and multiply"...don't you think He would have had the POWER to make that IMMEDIATE? Don't you think he would have made us all at once? The fact is, He had the POWER. He had the Authority..and the last time I checked, He still does. However, in His infinite wisdom (crazy, I am trying to explain God here hehehe), he CHOSE to do it the way He did. Let me ask you another question. Given the opportunity (and looking back in retrospect), would you rather that mankind developed in phases all through the ages, or that we all appeared on the planet at the same time, waving iPads, and experiencing the greatest advancement in technology today? Your answer to this question will most definitely locate you. Today we are talking about GREED.

Nature has a way of teaching us stuff. We know through science that for a beautiful butterfly to come out of the pupa stage, it has to struggle. If you 'help' it out, you basically are killing the process. God is such a Mighty Miracle worker that he set all systems in place and never has He ever gone back to fix the systems! This speaks of seeds and seasons. It talks of process. Yes, He did create everything at once, but has allowed seasons and systems to churn out the results. And so should it be in our lives. Most people would rather that a miracle happens in their life...and that includes me. However, I have come to learn that there are no miracles that happen arbitrarily. I have also come to realize that miracles are and can be a daily occurrence...if we intend them to be.

There are two great NEMESIS of success. What we are focusing on today is that great ugly and green one called GREED. When someone seeks to amass all at the shortest time possible...they have been bit by the bug of greed. When someone hoards all he knows is valuable, he is being controlled with this feeling that the more people know, the less successful he becomes. When I am afraid that 'it will disappear before I taste it', that is greed.

Sometimes this is so subtle that we do not recognize it. We want instant success. We seek for 'miracles' when we have not understood our mandate. To paraphrase one of the fathers of Personal Development, Success is not necessarily what we pursue, but is much more of the person we BECOME. That is what greed robs people of. You see, I subscribe very highly to God's format. Systems. Processes. If I short-circuit these with greed, yes, I might get rich quickly...however I will greatly miss installing systems that will guarantee my continuous churning of the riches. A friend of mine Robert Bake has stated categorically that he intends to retire at 45. Woe to him if by then he has no systems in place.

We want to get rich quick. We are afraid that the tide will pass us by. Let me say this: Anytime you catch yourself thinking that 'I must do this or I miss out'....and you are in a state in which you are not yet ready to get into the out that you do not succumb to greed. I have learnt to take things in stride. Yes, personal development gurus will tell you, "Opportunity never knocks twice", but I will tell you this: You only take on an opportunity when you are ready for it. If taking an opportunity has side effects of stress, high blood pressure, getting in debt, losing friends or any other moral is absolutely not worth it.The correct way always seems long, hard, tedious and too demanding on us. The easiest way always seems short, quick and extremely comfortable on us.

Every human being desiring to succeed would rather install systems than spend time praying and fasting for miracles....that is my take. If there was a Degree in Prayer...I have ranked up there with the greatest, I believe. When prayer, fasting and dedication is mingled with installed systems in my better watch out, a Legacy is just about to explode!

So, When is the last time you experienced a miracle? Please be kind enough to share with us here your thoughts.

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