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If you keep a company of 9 fools, soon enough you will be the tenth-Quote.
There is this time not long ago that I was just about to be Interviewed at a Live TV program. Ahead of me were these two guys who were DJs of some kind. They are of Kenyan Origin, and were talking about their style of music and the response they are getting from the Ugandan Market. One thing that they said actually got me thinking. On being asked why they opted to do their stuff in Uganda, one of them quipped: "You know in Kenya there is lots of stiff competition, we find it better in Uganda since we have the freedom to do what we want to do without hassling around". I got to think that the FACTS as they presented them could be very well correct. Then again I got to think that that was basically their own opinion. 

The truth of the matter actually is that if they have to up their game, they would very well thrive with much needed competition than without some. Competition keeps us all in check...and makes us stretch ourselves to become the very best that we are capable of becoming. It helps us maintain our market share. It helps us give quality service to our clients without compromising the pricing. 

As much as this is not such a popular message, I will say this: Competition is needed for success much like bees are needed for pollination of flowers. As you might already know, I have been competing against myself in the project, "My Jog To Success". This morning I thought about writing on a topic called 'Recovery'....which will be coming up soon enough. What happened is that I came across a certain place where there was a thorough stench of a dead animal...could be a dog or a rat. That stench was abominable...more so due to the fact that I needed as much air as possible as I jogged along.
Oh death! The finality of it...pretty much pronounced by the stench! But does anyone out there know what causes death? Really? I dare say that death is caused by non other than DIS-CONNECTION. Honestly, come to think of it. You die because your body is dis-connected from your spirit. Medically correct? I dunno...but I am right with my death definition...that I am sure! Yesterday on air, I gave the definition of 'Apoptosis', which means that when the brain knows that you are no longer useful, it sends a signal to the rest of the body that it is no longer required..and at that moment, self destruction other words, death sets in. It is dis-connection with life that causes death. And this is where I would really recommend competition. Those living in East Africa will obviously be familiar with two leading Kenyan Hypermarkets-Uchumi and Nakukatt.  If you look at those two stores carefully, especially in Kenya you will find out that anytime Uchumi sets up a Hypermarket somewhere...Nakumatt comes few seasons after and sets up their own shop smack across the face of Uchumi! Ouch! Some would complain...but a smart manager would welcome them and cheer them along...since they know that they will be kept on their toes...and will not be DIS-CONNECTED from their mission, vision and values as they set out initially.

Sounds simple but it is not. In the context of Life, Success, Significance, Wealth, and Greatness, the biggest cause of death is when you get disconnected.
Here is the thing. When you get disconnected from the current adamantly refusing to embrace will soon enough start stinking. When you get disconnected from the current demands and needs of your are dead and buried! When you get disconnected from the needs of your employees (and this is a biggy believe me) you are soon enough dead and buried. The stench of death! Can you smell it? Your employee expects to be paid for waking up daily and working towards the fulfilment of your vision....and you do not pay them on time...YOU STINK! You pitch of a business and you tell your clients that you will pay for Performance Related Pay, Medical Cover as well as training of your staff members...only to divert the already allocated funds to your own pocket...Shame on you...YOU STINK.

My question to all of us today is this. What is the value of your Connections? How VALUABLE (Not just big) is your NETWORK? How often do we get time to 'oil the engine' of our networks? When a prophet was asked by God if the valley of dry borns would see the end of the did come back to those bones forming a large mighty army. Do you know how that happend? A miracle? Of course! The miracle however started with bones connecting to their respective bones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to re-connect. The first re-connection we need to do is with our own selves. Re-connect with our values. Re-connect with our Life Purpose. Re-connect with our Vision and Mission...and the things that really are important and matter to us. Then and only then will we be able to ward off that lurking stench of disillusionment, heartache, and consequently death.

Have a stench-less day, wont you?

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