Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A few years back, towards the end of a particular year, I told one of my closest friends that that was the best year I had ever experienced. The reason as to why I said that is that I had successfully maintained an upward trend on my 'graphs'. Bingo! I was not talking about dollars in my account then, or a nice car in my parking lot, or a hot wife and cute kids. I was talking about having fought against myself and successfully prevailed.

Today, my thoughts on this subject are in-congruent, yet I will discuss them since they are important. I believe that every doctor should be a patient. That way they will feel how patients normally feel...when nurses come visit and stick needles in your back-side then ask you how you are feeling. Every motivating speaker and coach should endeavor to take a seat more often in an audience. That way, they will get to hear how sometimes we bore our audiences with in-authentic stuff on stage, due to lack of preparation. Every teacher should be a student, and every Author should be a reader. In other words, we should be bold enough to take a taste of the same medicine we are prescribing to our 'patients'.

So, being a man of action, I took my medicine the other day. I had been talking about the 'Arrrgh Moment'. That message was born out of my project called 'My Jog To Success'. The moral of that  message is that we need to stay in the game even when we hit a plateau, rather than wait for the 'normal' to come back. By the time that happens, we have been overtaken by events.

So, in My Jog To Success, I had hit an all-time plateau. Whereas my 'Personal Best' stands at 31 minutes in my circuit, I had been consecutively hitting 36 minutes...which is regarded as disaster in athletics. Of course the reason as to why this was happening is because there was a great 'persistence interval' in my project. I was allowing a lot of time to elapse in-between my inspired actions. That is one way of welcoming the plateau.

We have already seen that the only way to get rid of the plateau is to 'stay in the game'. This is how to do it. First, accept the fact that you are not in the best shape. This goes with the message that you will  not post your 'Personal Best' this time round. Therefore, as you go out there, you already know that it is not the know that it is different. Here is the thing though...that as you do this, you are still very and pretty much in the game. That is the only way to stem out the plateau.
The reason as to why I had to write about the 'Arrrgh moment' again is because my own medicine works! I tasted it out on Monday 10th October 2011. I was not at my best. I was in a plateau. However, I had worked so hard to reduce the interval of time between my inspired actions. You will be shocked what I found out. As I went out as usual, with the same mentality that ' I am in a plateau', it turned out that I came back and guess what? I EQUALED my personal best! Thirty one minutes baby! Picture this: What If I had bid my own time and waited on the 'normal' to come by? What If I had taken some time off from the game? Most definitely I would not be 'back in circulation'. In fact that is exactly what I said to myself, "Daddy is BACK".

I welcome you to go back to this message called the 'Arrrgh! Moment' and read it once again. Chances are that you are sitting by waiting for the next 'normal' to happen for you to take action. Chances are that you are not writing that book because your 'normal' is that you need a laptop...You could still write the book despite the fact that you have no laptop. Chances are that you are waiting to have some dine in your Dollar account before you ask her out...You will find out that it would be the best thing you ever did to ask her out DESPITE the fact that you do not even have the dollar Account. Get the point?

Have a Dollar-Filled day, wont you?

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