Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Traditionally, we have teachers and then we have school over a period of time. Once that period of time elapses, that's the end of school, teachers as well as 'official learning!' I remember that time like it was yesterday.

I remember after sitting for my Primary Level Exams, it felt like I had been released from prison. I was proud of myself...and more upbeat because there would be no sitting in classrooms again...even if it was just for two months!

But let us back up a little and really scrutinize the function of a teacher in traditional schooling set ups. A teacher would research, organize lessons, teach, give assignments and mark the assignments. In between, a teacher would be 'whupping' a pupil for any and every mistake made...part of the reason why finishing school feels like being released from Prison.

Well...before you can have a negative opinion over me, let me say that teachers are the bedrock of society...well...good teachers. Now...good teachers are not just the ones certified to teach...everyone in society can teach something. 

To be fairly honest, we all do need teachers not just as we are growing up, but we do need teachers all the time. The moment we stop being in the presence of a teacher in all aspects of life, that is the moment that we start deteriorating.

In this day and age, the traditional teacher is under threat. I can post my assignment on a blog...and give you access to it...and I can also google just about anything that I want. The role of research reserved for teachers is becoming extinct.

Arguably, the biggest role a teacher plays is to track your relation to what is expected of you and in proportion to your ability. Now this statement alone is one of the biggest misfortunes of the world we live in today...that we must wait for a teacher to track our performance.

When it comes to intentional living all teachers must be fired, and we must hire ourselves right there and then. We must be the ones who know what we really really really want...we must be the ones that know exactly what it takes to get it, and we must be the ones to move from point A towards point B in order to get what we really want.

Obviously, this means that we must be the ones who will track our own progress, review our days and weeks, note our failures, note our excuses, note our obstacles, notice some recurring patterns and ultimately make the correct adjustments...on a daily or weekly basis.

Students wait for three months to get the results of their term performance. They also wait for a whole year to know if they will be promoted to the next level. They also do wait for years on end to know if they are getting closer to graduating.

However, when we fire the teachers (read that we are tracking our own performances), we get immediate feedback. In fact, we do know ourselves better especially when we are tracking something that we have inspired ourselves to attain.

Honestly, I still do not understand how I have come through all these years of my life without reviewing my days. But now that I have 'fired all the teachers' and tracking my own performance, I now know that one of the greatest enemies in my life is the guy staring at me in the mirror...not a fellow student competing with me in the same class.

After all, in this life, our desires, dreams, goals and ambitions are personal!

Are you ready to fire some teachers?

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