Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some Thoughts about Your Next Level

"The difference between seasons is an instruction" ~ Dr. Mike Murdock

Who wants to go to the next level? All of us. Without an exception. The question is how do we go about going to the next level?

Many people take the 'next level' to mean something thoroughly major in their lives. For example it was a next level for me when I...

  • Got my first job,
  • Got married,
  • Earned a thousand Dollars,
  • Got two kids,
  • Was interviewed on TV stations,
  • Hosted a radio program....
..and the list goes on and on.

The major thing about a next level is not just getting there...but staying there long enough to make it a platform for the next level!

Now that I got a I have a better job years down the line?
Now that I got I still happily married?
Now that I earned a thousand I earning more than that or at least still earning the thousand?
Now that I have a family...are they thriving and happy that am the hubby and daddy?
Now that I was interviewed on I still sought out for my value?
Now that I hosted a radio I still sought out for my impact and value I provided?

Something interesting about next levels is that very many people are frustrated not to attain them. The reason is that they take for granted very many things. If it is not a grand thing like a wedding/marriage, then people think that they have never experienced a 'next level'.

The truth of the matter is that your next level is a milli-second away...once you make a decision or you follow an instruction. 

Most people are waiting for the government to change, the spouse to change, the kids to go to college, the kids to come, and so on so they can get to the next level. There are very many areas of your life that you can experience the next level solely by your own initiative:

  • You can have the next level in your spiritual life by making a decision about's in your hands
  • You can have a next level in your health...about how you eat and exercise,
  • You can have a next level in your mental health...about how many hours you can steal from your TV and read something instructional
  • You can have a next level in your marriage and relationships...deciding to make it thrive by accessing as much information that you need as possible
  • You can have a next level in your life signatures by deciding to live to leave a legacy daily.
The truth is that it might take time for the next level to fully mature...but that does not mean you cannot start experiencing or walking in it today. Here is the thing though: those major next levels we normally look out for...they come from the small next levels we are able to put together consistently. That means that the small must be celebrated just as we do the major next levels.

I need you to start living your very next level in the area of your choice in life today. Can I hear an Amen?

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