Friday, April 12, 2013


"Naked I came from my mother's womb, naked I'll return to the womb of the earth" ~ Job

In my estimation, life is simpler than we complicate it. Life is to me, a binary of two possibilities. The wise would know exactly what phase they are in, and most importantly, what phase they could be in. That's it!

Here is the curveball: We have finite minds. We do not grasp all there is to grasp at a go. We cannot escape the mirage that life offers us daily. At some point, we see our possibility and realize where we are in relation to were we could be. So when we get where we thought previously that we could be...we realize that it has become where we are...and there is another where we could be...! That my the structure of our life metamorphosis.

That is all there is in life. Two major possibilities.

Let me explain. If we are to use the analogy of hunting gold mines...there are only two states we all ought to operate in: 
  1. The Highway to Our Goldmine
  2. The Goldmine itself.
That is it. There is no other complication in life.You are either currently on top of your gold mine or on the highway towards it! Now...there are two types of people on the highway: There are those who know that they are on the highway to their goldmine...and then there are those who are clueless.

There is only one group of people on top of the Goldmine...those who knew all along that they where on a journey towards it...think about it!

We need to realize what our Goldmine is. Each of us has one Goldmine...and it is only one Goldmine that is needed. The creator in his own infinite wisdom made our Goldmine first...and then formed us. In us, He put all the things we need to gravitate towards that Goldmine.

He put in the map of passion. It is revealed by what excites well as that which infuriates us. He put inside of us the compass that would take us there...our talents and our giftings. He put inside of us an eternal landmark that will guide us to the Goldmine...our hearts. He put inside of us all the necessary tools that we need to take us to the Goldmine...our personalities.

The highest calling we have in life is not to find our Goldmines...but to use our Goldmines for the greater good of 'others'. 

So, back to the message: You are either on top of your Goldmine...or you are on the Highway towards it...only if you realize that fact and consciously live it.

The most interesting thing is that the Highway to the Goldmine proves to be the most intriguing phase...and in my submission, the most important phase of our lives than being on top of the Goldmine itself. It seems to me that there is much more glory in mastering the road signs of the highway to the Goldmine...than knowing how to use the Goldmine itself.

Either way, you must dig it. Gold never appears on the surface. That is why at whatever level or phase we find ourselves in, we cannot term it useless...and I am speaking regarding the Highway moments of our Life Signatures. The road to a Goldmine of our lives will be littered here and there with some deposits of gold. The tragedy would be to camp at those deposits at the expense of discovering the Goldmine.

The biggest tragedy though is never realizing what phase one is...and therefore just exist to pay bills...count the days and anniversaries, birthdays and special occassions until that time we go back to the womb of the earth...naked!

Do you know the phase you are in?

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