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"Your only struggle in life is to stay inspired" ~ Mike Murdock
I love listening and watching individuals, groups of people, events and things that inspire me. I have learnt that great motivators are born out of authentic 'skin for skin' inspiration--such that they experience it themselves. Remember, you cannot take people where you have never been.
True motivation cannot be mimicked! It is laced with a pinch of personal experience! You cannot mimic the "I have a Dream" speech even to a group of people who never heard it and get the motivated like Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr did.
You know I am inspired when you hear me say these words: "You Guy"!
You know I am inspired when you hear no comment from me, but a few sniffs followed by a big sigh.
You know I am inspired when you see me whip out my phone and tweet.
You know I am inspired when you come to this blog and read a post or two.
My calling in life is to Inspire Hope and Enrich Lives world-wide. Therefore my biggest mandate on a daily basis is to stay inspired above the level of life. I have gone to the extend of documenting my daily inspirations and graphing them. It is that important to me.
There is nothing as beautiful as heartfelt and authentic inspiration:
  • When you watch Melanie Amaro win the initial X-Factor organized by Simon Cowell,
  • When you watch Chris Rene, just 70 days out of a drugs rehabilitating center go all the way to be top 3 in the X-Factor,
  • When my just to be 2 year old Ethan drops everything that meant everything to him when he sees me and runs demanding me to "carry you daddy"...
  • When I tune into radio and I hear one of my wife's songs playing...
  • When I hear again and again from my listeners how my program has impacted their lives...
  • When I sit down and scheme of how one day I will grant my mum a standing ovation...
  • When I watch a movie like Coach Carter
These and many are instances of inspiration to me. Yet one thing I ask myself all day every day is this: If I am a motivator that I am, who motivates me? Who or what inspires me?
  • Who inspires TD Jakes so much so that he is always in the zone whenever you watch him?
  • Who inspires our heroes and heroins in what they do?
  • What makes legends like Micheal Jackson, Micheal Jordan, Micheal Schumacher, and many other legends keep ticking?
There definitely is something.
For this visionary, there are several sources of my motivation and inspiration:
  1. My Life Frustrations: I have generated loads of quotes and dozens of articles on this blog ostensibly from my life frustrations. I am what I am today because of those frustrations and because of what I learned in overcoming them.
  2. My Mentors: On a daily basis, I have to at least read, watch or listen to a particular mentor. My two top Mentors at the moment are: Dr. Mike Murdock and Peter J Daniels. I have generated powerful quotes original with me but inspired by the words of these men...and many others.
  3. My Jogging Excursions: Nothing exercises my mind and stretches it like my jogging excursions do. I get very many life nuggets every time I go out there to jog. These nuggets apply directly in my life. For example, I learnt how to track my performance from my excursions as shown in this post.
  4. True Life Stories: My wife and I love watching singing competitions like "Britain Has Got Talent", "The X Factor" and "The Voice". In there, we come face to face with real life ordinary people like already mentioned, whose stories bring tears to our eyes.
  5. Resilience: To be honest, I would have given up long time ago. My wife would have too. Yet against all odds so far, we have remained hopeful. No one is insulated from setbacks in life...but our strength to endure and remain relevant to our causes in life is in itself a source of inspiration.
  6. Our Future Aspirations: We go through the worst of circumstances with our heads high...knowing that against all odds, even against hope itself, that tomorrow will bring better tidings. There have been times where hope alone has helped us endure  shame, embarrassment and possible ridicule.
These and many others are my daily source of inspiration. What are yours?


  1. Very inspiring. my darkest moments have been the canopy on which inspiration has been best painted. I don't know how else I would have written the articles I did during such moments. And the best part is that those are the pieces that
    inspire the readers the most. Keep writing.

  2. I totally agree with you Zippy...there's no way you could write those articles had you not gone through what you went through...and look what that makes you? An inspiration to others. Thanks for reading. Pass the message across.


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