Friday, February 22, 2013


Isn't it amazing how different we see the same thing? It has been said that one man's meat is another's poison. Meat and poison moments occur to us invariably all along our lives. How we see ourselves in these situations will determine our outcome in life.

A story is told of one of God's Generals called Dwight L Moody, the nineteenth century preacher. Moody was in London during one of his famous evangelistic tours, several clergymen visited him wanting to know his secret (And there is that word again...secret).
How, and more specifically why--was this poorly educated American so effective in winning throngs of people to Christ? Moody took the men to the window of his hotel room and asked each in turn to tell him what they saw. One by one, the men described the people in the park below.
Then Moody looked out the window and tears began coursing down his cheeks. "What do you see Mr. Moody?" One of the men asked.
Moody replied, "I see countless thousands of souls that will one day spend eternity in hell if they do not find the Savior".---Erick Reese, S.H.A.P.E.
Another story is told of a basketballer who sprained his right arm. Being a right handed player, he found it challenging to practise even on his own. However, he decided to do something with his situation. He started practising with his left hand.

It must have been infuriating and frustrating trying to do something new at his age. Persistence and determination was key. He never gave up. To the casual observer, this sportsman is just passing time. It all depends on how we see things. One man sees trouble, another sees opportunity. In the end, what seemed to be a misfortune in the sportsman's life makes him even better for he now can dribble with both hands equally well!

Does he want to break his hands again? Of course not. Would he wish he never broke his hands in the first place? Well...that all depends. Meant or poison? You decide!

I have said in the previous post that life accords us opportunities in between now and our next break. It is wise to take the in betweens more seriously and do something about them than to wait for the break to come. Everyone the world over is waiting for their ship to come...problem is that there are fewer harbors for 7 billion people at a go.

A salesman gets into a village selling shoes. Calls back his headquarters and laments that nobody in the village wears shoes...that his adventure is a waste. A second salesman calls his headquarters and demands that they send tonnes upon tonnes of one in the village wears shoes...what an opportunity!

Tough situations will always be with us. What an opportunity! What a chance to make the best out of it. I encourage all the visionaries of Life Signatures to tune in their brains to the opportunity network... no not when all is cozy and rozy...but when all is rough and tough. There in lies our opportunity.

What are you looking at today? What do you see that others do not see? Think about it!

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