Thursday, January 10, 2013


“A sterling reputation is better than striking it rich; a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank.” –King Solomon

You have probably heard and maybe you know that no man is an island. I can literally track all my major and minor achievements to guess what…a relationship! I can also bet you a thousand bucks that all that is glittering around you right now can be successfully traced to nothing but a relationship!

Your current employment…
Your current business…
Your marriage…
Some of your possessions…

On the same token, I can boldly say that your next breakthrough is most probably directly linked to a relationship more than any other thing you consider of resource to you right now.

Your next job…
Your next contract…
Your next property…
Your next opening…

In essence, the value found in relationships is nearly infinite. It is next to impossible to quantify the worth in terms of money, property, openings, contracts, and general favor that stems out of relationships.

You have probably heard of organizations that would never employ an individual without a degree…well until the relationship factor shows up!

I became an expatriate in Mobile Money Trade Development because of nothing else but…a relationship! There are many other benefits that have accrued from that position of an expatriate, including marriage.

I have been the host of Hour of Prayer on 104.1 Power FM the whole of 2012 because of nothing else but a relationship. I got into that relationship that led me to this powerful position that fulfilled one of my life long goals because of another relationship.

Truth is that there is a great percentage of people across the globe who are seeking to strike it rich, to have money in the bank and to own property. Most of these go directly after these things with reckless abandonment.

Many apply for jobs; many start new businesses; many seek to invest in diverse kinds of ventures; many seek to be married to the rich and affluent; a vast majority dream of winning the lottery.
In 2013, I prophecy that the biggest asset that will cause people to advance in their lives is…a name. Their names!

Yet a name can be inherited and degraded. A name can be spoilt in split seconds yet it takes years upon years of consistency to build that same name. Here is the thing…if I was to put money and affluence in one basket and a good reputation in another for choice, a vast majority of people will pick the money basket.

In 2013, I encourage you to build your reputation more than you would seek to earn money. Reason? It is a good reputation that will almost guarantee continuity in success.

It is important for all visionaries to ask themselves this: What really is my personal brand? It has been said that the whole market is not a market at all. There must be a specific niche that a visionary serves. In 2013, it is important that we select our market and build ourselves to impact that very market with relentless value.

Let 2013 serve as an opportunity to plant seeds of greatness through focusing on our own potentials. Let this be done despite or in spite of all the massive challenges that we will face. Let me say that as much as the New Year offers us a new psychological start, it is no guarantee that all in 2013 will be all new, bright, good and rosy.

2013 is an opportunity for us all to embrace processes…and what a beautiful way to do so than to meticulously focus on building our own names.
I am not talking about names that are empty. I am talking about names that serve, names that solve, names that add value.

In essence, I am saying that in 2013, more than any other year, let us do two things:

  • ·         Build our reputations in terms of creating value for specific people

  • ·         Build and maintain relationships with laser-like focus.

Have a reputable year, won’t you?

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