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Why is there only one ball for 22 players?  If you gave a ball to each of them, they'd stop fighting for it.  
~Author Unknown

Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment.  As you become successful, you will need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility, and commitment.  
~Ross Perot

Theo may show his loyalty to Arsene by Commiting to a new contract
Few weeks back, I bade farewell to my colleagues at Intelligent Performance for the weekend with this parting shot: “You guys have a lovely weekend, and for the rest of us Arsenal fans, let us keep suffering the Arsenal way”

That little statement sparked off a one hour long discussion...debate...I mean argument focused on Loyalty and Commitment. In my estimation, I am an ardent and LOYAL Arsenal fan. Why? Because I support no other team…not that I cannot support another. I could.

Believe me, I have tried and tried to abandon the Arsenal ship and hop onto another. It just hasn’t worked. It’s kind of like shifting your left shoe to your right leg and vice versa. It just is nothing but awkward.

My colleagues on the other hand reasoned that my loyalty was nothing but BLIND LOYALTY. That did not go well with me. What do they mean by saying am blinded in my loyalty to being an Arsenal fan? In their submission, loyalty is two way traffic, in that Arsenal benefits from me, and I from them.

They argued that a true fan is subscribed and pays membership fees. They even went ahead and asked me if I had and Arsenal T-Shirt. I thought that was going way too far! 

In my opinion, I thought that loyalty is emotional…not financial. I thought that the level they were talking about is more of commitment than loyalty. In my estimation, commitment bodes more on contracts, membership payments, and things that go beyond the emotional attachment…kind of like marriage.

I thought I was not married to Arsenal, but every week they play, I am there supporting them!
Well, needless to say, those guys at Intelligent Performance were absolutely right. My purported ‘support’ for Arsenal is blind loyalty (ouch). 

In 2013, we would rather be committed and resolute than just resolve emotionally. Someone said that the New Year resolutions we make are not enough. Emotions and motivation are not enough resources to see us through. This is where commitment comes in. In fact, one of Zig Ziglar’s biggest quotes is “Many people say that motivation does not last, well so does bathing, and that is why we recommend it daily”

It is one thing to be totally inspired at the dawn of the New Year and hurriedly set massive goals…it is yet another thing to stick with those resolutions till the end of the month to say the least.

As an individual, I know that my success in 2013 will be a result of the sum total of every small effort I expend towards my goals on a consistent and daily basis. That is why as I write, I have two things that I have put in place that will help me stay committed.

·         First, I have a timetable of daily activities that I will be engaged in. These activities support the implementation of the major goals that I have for the New Year. Such a simple tool to use…and most people I know have used a timetable before. And sometimes that is why our education systems are blamed, because we left the discipline of timetabling at school.

For the most part the closest thing to a time table that most people look at is the Premiership Standings, to find out where Arsenal lies. For Liverpool fans its an easy exercise, just start by looking at the middle of the table going downwards…and Arsenal have been showing the same signs…but I digress.

This timetable is well thought out. The activities in it call for nothing but discipline and commitment. I have learnt that if I do not ‘timetable’ my ‘facebooking’ and social media activities, it becomes so easy to waste a whole day in there.

The same applies with watching TV…and reading papers. I am deciding that any TV worth watching must first be preceded by something motivational, instructional or inspirational.
You can never under-estimate the power of time-tabling.

·         Secondly, I have in place already a system that will help me track my daily activities. It is one thing to have the activities on paper, it is another to actually do them…and yet another to sit down and review how well I did these activities.

Nothing is more inspirational than to see on a daily basis my own personal graph of improvement. I can see the patterns. I can know at what level or percentage I actually ‘lived’ throughout the week. What a powerful tool!

These two tools are able to help my commitment to the goals that I have crafted out for the New Year. One more thing people: get your heads off that New Year euphoria and start working…Before you figure it out, January is gone! Before you know it, Kenya is having Elections in March. Before you know it, we are celebrating Labor Day.

Get to work NOW. Do not lose a day or a minute…and while you are at it, stay totally committed to the cause.

Anybody for an Arsenal Shirt?

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