Monday, July 16, 2012


In our day, there are very many pieces of advice and inspiration that have sadly become cliché. One thing about cliché is that the heart is never there, but the mouth is all over it! 

The subject of thinking big is the first thing that I will examine today, amongst several clichés we have. Question is: How big is big? Is there a 'big-ometer' somewhere that can easily quantify the bigness of our thinking? Of course there is none.

One thing is for sure though, thinking is relative, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, what I consider commonplace in my sphere is what someone else would call a miracle if they had it! I kid you not. In your sphere right now, you could be complaining of life not sizzling, yet if per chance someone else was put in your shoes and they actually took a mile in them, you would find them in church testifying of the goodness of God in the land of the living! 

Before I digress so far away from the subject, let me say this: Very many dreams have been dashed to the ground because they have failed the ultimate test of 'think big' and his closest cousin 'look good'. You find people seated on their laurels doing nothing because 'the dream is not big enough'. You even find motivational speakers pouring cold water in an idea, just because they feel that it is not big enough!

Definitely, One is smaller than seven Billion any day. However, without that one, there can never be the billion! This is what I mean: The world right now has a population of seven Billion. Yet God started it with ONE. Question: Was He thinking big? Of course He was! Another question: Was he looking good? That is where opinions are divided.

My point is that in between one and seven billion, there are several determinant factors, one of them being time. In the same token, I have no business looking down on my 'one'. I have no business sitting down and doing nothing just because my 'one' is not big enough like seven Billion! I hope you get the message.

It is in my doing, it is in my taking action in the minutest iotas of ideas that will eventually grow big. Action, in my opinion will trump down big thinking any day. 

Here is the foolproof test of how big your idea is: According to Life Signatures, as long as it matters and resonates deep within your heart, do it! As long as you are passionate about it, do it! Only make sure that it is fair to all that are concerned!

Not that thinking big is bad, just that it is becoming so cliché these days that nothing small gets done that will actually lead to the big thing anyway! So people delay on getting started with their dreams, visions and aspirations, just because it will not look good. They get stuck just because it is not big enough. Let me say this too: Small is such a critical part of big that even when you have big in sight, you reach it one way or another through small! 

My encouragement of the week is this: let's do something small today. Then, let's do it again tomorrow...and the day after and the whole week. It is in this consistent small doing that the big vision will be born. Great visions are normally caught while in motion, not while sitting under a tree and wait for the apple to fall so we can derive a theory out of it! Isaac Newton was not idle!

Have action-filled days, wont you?

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