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In case you have not noticed, I have taken some time without posting here. This is both by design and default. it the root of all evil?
I am working on my second (actually third) book. This book is a personal walk through the turmoils I have faced while seeking the dollar. It is loaded with anecdotes here and there that you can use to inject vision, passion and direction in your financial pursuits.

As such, today, we are taking some words of advice from one Personal Financial Guru, David Bach. He is an author of several books including one that I own called "Smart Couples Finish Rich". Here goes:

Hi Everyone,

The one incredible universal truth that has stood test of time is that the more you give the more you receive.

This notion--that the more we give back to others, the more comes back to us--is not simply a religious doctrine; it is virtually a law of nature. If you are looking to attract more wealth and happiness into your life, the fastest way I know how is to give more.


What exactly is tithing? Tithing is the proactive practice of giving back. It is a spiritual principle common to many traditions that says you should give back a portion of what you receive, that those blessed with abundance have a duty to help others through gifts of kindness, time, ideas, and money. What is amazing about tithing is that when you tithe you get a feeling we often associate with acquiring material things. You simply feel great.


Should you tithe? Ultimately, it's a personal decision. Still, I'd like to suggest that if you are not doing it now, you should give it a try. Take a percentage of your income and start donating it to some worthy cause. You could donate the 10% traditionally associated with tithing, you could donate more, or you could donate less. As I said, tithing is personal; it's not about percentages but about the love of giving. What's important is simply that you get started.

You might want to start small--say, by giving only 1% if your income--and let your contributions grow over time, just the way I suggested you start with Pay Yourself First. Not only will the process of starting create a momentum in your life that will change your destiny, you will also be helping others in the process.

If this sounds at all attractive to you, take a look at the simple Five-Step Plan for Tithing on my blog by CLICKING HERE. If you are in a relationship, discuss it with your partner. See if it feels right. If it does, give it a try. You will be amazed how much doing things for others can do for you.


Do you tithe? If so, how has giving back impacted YOUR life, wealth and happiness? If you haven't started yet, what charity or cause would you chose to donate your time/money to? Be sure to leave your comments and stories on my blog or Facebook page.

Live Rich,

David Bach
Founder, FinishRich Media, LLC.
9 Time New York Times Bestselling Author
Author, #1 New York Times Best-Seller, The Automatic Millionaire
Author, #1 New York Times Best-Seller, Start Late, Finish Rich
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