Thursday, May 31, 2012


It is from what is burning in people's hearts that they will speak. It is what matters to them that they will front. The contents of the heart have formed companies, defended nations and causes, freed young girls in India forced into prostitution by their uncles, revolutionized entire countries and so on. Do you have a heart? Then you are a candidate and an agent of change. My question to you today is this: What is burning deep down your heart today? Or maybe of late? Or maybe in the past two years? Kindly take note of it, it is not there for you, it is there for the masses around the world. SELAH

First off, I am totally convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is absolutely nobody on the face of the earth who is here and is not needed. Everybody alive, including you is here because you have to offer something, no not just to your family, but to the whole world. Your platform is not a platform of the mundane, distress, discontentment and debt. Yes, I know, we live in a world that is painted so greatly with all these negatives. 

In addition to that, we have this powerful force called illusion. Today, you suffer loss, and it is easy to believe that the whole life you will have starting today will be a life of loss. Its called illusion. Today, you are steeped in serious debt and distress, and you think that that would be your life situation for the rest of your life. You do not see how else the opposite can be true. The power of illusion. 

Let me tell you what I have learnt over the past several years. I have learnt one simple lesson: You get enlarged in the moment of your distress! That's right. If you can handle it well, with a warrior spirit that totally and firmly refuses to accept the distress, the discontentment and the debt, it is possible to get enlarged in the moment of your distress. I have seen dire and disturbing circumstances altered. Let me say right here that each person in distress and discontent about what is happening in their life is a major candidate for a massive turn around for the enlargement at their time of distress.

Remember Father Abraham? Do you know that it is said that this guy and his nephew were so prosperous that even the land would not accommodate them? The truth is that that is a major possibility. 

The antidote of the illusion I have talked about is...WORDS. The truth is, brothers and sisters that there is a major possibility that you and I can move from distress to major and unprecedented abundance and wealth. Wealth is a weapon we all need. Do you see that struggling family across the street? That single mama struggling to take her kids to school? That children's home lacking all the basic facilities? Do you see the paraplegic people out there in their distress? 

It is for you as a visionary to get out of your illusion of the mundane and helplessness, smack into the thick of things being a major blessing unto the lives of these people and situations. The truth is, no government is formed to care for the people directly...I kid you not. The governments are for the people yes, but their major call is to protect the boundaries and the business space.

So therefore, are you distressed? How long have you been distressed about your life. A year? Two, maybe three? Would you please look up, bloat that illusion out of your mind? Use words to reject the distress. Use faith-filled words to totally obliterate the illusion. Refuse it completely. Do not give up, give in or let up. Truth is that in a moment of imagination, you can see a better good. Abraham was told to lift up his eyes and see...the extent of which he saw became his land...after what was seemingly good had already been taken.

Don't let illusion fool you that the economies have gone down....that the best men/women have been taken...that the best jobs have been taken (especially after you failed an interview)...that the best books have already been printed...LOOK UP! Whatever you see, you are able to get it.

Breathe in....slowly breathe out. That's what is on my heart today.

Have a great week, wont you?

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