Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There is one quote that I am not so accurate with at the moment. It goes something like this: There are three kinds of people, those who watch things happen, those who make things happen, and those who ask ‘What happened’? I confess that at times I have found myself oscillating in be-threen (between) those three states of Change. Like there is this time I had an Idea to do something but did not follow through, only to see my ‘stolen’ Idea on the streets in a pathetic version but with my ‘Title’ on it-verbatim! I asked ‘What happened?’

This is what happened. ACTION happened. Someone did dare enough to implement the thoughts the two of us had about it. For the one who acted, he basically made things to happen. In other words, he orchestrated change while I was paralyzed with my analysis.

One of the biggest friends to a visionary is Change. It has bee said that the only constant thing in life is nothing but change. Change can happen for the better or for worse. Change can be instigated or it can take place unannounced.

In whatever state change finds you in, you can always LEVERAGE it for the better. Of course anyone can tell you that you wanna be in that state that you are making things happen. And you should be there. There is nothing as exciting as making things happen…building Cities (like my buddy Thomas, building houses, companies, making profits, meeting new people, increasing sales, surpassing targets, closing deals, getting contracts, building families, marrying her, taking your child to school or movies, taking her on vacation to an exotic island. There is absolute fulfillment when you make things happen. In fact, the happiest people on earth, regardless of their income right now are the people that are making things happen.

"To Making Things Happen"

The opposite is also true. The most miserable people, bored to death are those that cannot, are not, and would not make anything happen. Believe me, you don’t wanna be there. I have been in that state too…it literally erodes your very psyche. It eats up on your confidence. You start hearing voices telling you how unworthy you are; how unqualified you are. You start hearing of nothing else but your past goofs and screw ups, mistakes, failures and other shameful incidences are recited in your sorry mind again and again. With every recital hammered upon your mind, your stature decreases. Your stature is what you perceive of yourself, and this perception is Critical in your Life Signature. If this hammering continues, we are looking at the incubation of inferiority, delusion, apathy and a general calibration of failure.

Of course this tape is played on and on up until that time that you interrupt it with ACTION. You literally rise up and shout back, ‘ENOUGH!!’ Then you FIND SOMETHING to do and dedicate your energies to. Suddenly, there is a smile on your face. You start feeling needed, valuable and important. I know that feeling too. It leads you to stay in what Jeffery Howard calls the ZONE. Your creativity grows and grows. Your happiness shines forth. Your genius expands. You are making things happen! Nothing like it! Just the sound of it inspires me already!

Then of course, there is that form of change that is rudely imposed upon you with events beyond your control. Your source (s) of income dries up; you lose your employment; your client cancels your contract; a family member passes on; your house is repossessed; a hurricane; a fire; a tsunami; a tornado; failed crops; failed investments; broken relationships; terrorist attack; coup; natural disasters, etc. We are not all immune to these. They do happen.

I have come to understand that the quickest way to effect change is to weigh up options and quickly make a DECISION. Whether you are making things happen or you find yourself asking ‘What happened?’ the moment you DECIDE what OUTCOME you WANT at that instant, CHANGE takes place, at least in the INVISIBLE realm.

The process of realizing the physical presence of the ‘decision’ or ‘change’ is now relegated to TIME. This will be speeded up or slowed down by the INTENSITY and FREQUENCY of your actions. Someone said that success is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we RESPOND (not react) to what happened. Believe me, I like making things happen. However, more often I have found myself in situations that I just cannot control. The EARLIEST I make the DECISION to RESPOND to what has happened the better it is, the easier it is. I am not saying that it will be comfortable; I am just saying that it is prudent.

The EARLIEST time for the decision to be made is…NOW. ‘Waiting for things to happen’ deprives you of your point of power and retreats you to that state I referred to earlier. The best way to ‘wait for things to happen’ is to find in your own power what you can DO right away. It is Brian Tracy who said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Guess what? Now is the time. Again, someone was quoted saying: Luck is simply when opportunity and preparedness kiss each other passionately.

Enough said. But is it all easy? No its not. However, the EARLIEST I start, the EASIER it is. Life will always be punctuated with change as sure as sparks fly upwards. What are you gonna do about it? Certainly, am gonna find me something to DO as I wait for my ‘LUCK’, however inconsequential my doing ‘seems’ at this point in time.

*Pats my own back for inspiring myself, puts pen down and walks away to make things happen*

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