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[Part 2] The 7 Deadly Philosophies in the Modern Job Market

[Adapted from the Free E-Book, "The 7 Deadly Philosophies in the Modern Job Market-2013]

Dedicated to all those who are passionate about living, loving, making a difference in their world in order to create generational legacies.

1. The Philosophy of Titles:

“More than 90% of these cannot answer the question, “What can you tell us about yourself?” All they do is to tell you their names and academic qualifications”!
This philosophy is based on a lie that your worth as a human being is directly proportional to a job title that you hold. Society seems to recognize people who have some kind of title or placard on their office door and at the same time shove aside those who have not been ‘given a title’ to the level of worthlessness.  This philosophy says that you can only earn if you get a job title!

The greatest impediment with this philosophy is the attitude that accompanies it: masses are waiting to ‘be given’ that title. This happens in every country existing at the moment. The very reason as to why hordes of people look at a job as the only indication of worthiness is the philosophy of titles.

There is therefore this tendency to greatly focus on the ‘roles’ that people play in society and at the same time, there has been less and less focus on the ‘person’ playing the role. I have sat in interviewing panels over the past five years. I have interviewed more than 1,000 people. More than 90% of these cannot answer the question, “What can you tell us about yourself?” All they do is to tell you their names and academic qualifications!

This philosophy has seen what I call “One-Way-Traffic” in the job market. One-Way-Traffic is where potential employees go to potential employers seeking to be employed. Seldom do we see potential employers going to potential employees requesting them to work for them. This philosophy has worked over the years and it still applies the world-over.

In the modern Job Market, the person who positions himself in such a way that he/she is attractive to a prospective employer has an upper hand. Mostly, such a one is focusing more on what they can do with what they have. They showcase their ‘achievements’ however insignificant they might seem, and they keep a very small interval between the achievements.

The philosophy of titles is so engrained to the extent that the above paragraph is impossibility to the one affected by the philosophy.

  • One major title that must be exterminated is the title, ‘Jobless’. It communicates to us that we are useless to the world up until we can be employed. Consequently masses of people get into job interviews looking like wimps, sheepish, unprepared, visionless, dreamless, and valueless and sadly, beggars. They have done nothing with themselves in anyway other than either waiting or looking for a job.

  • The job title that people must take is that of Self Executive Officer. It is a full time job that entails future visioning and dreaming, goal-setting, continuous reading, continuous listening to inspirational and motivational information, working on your passion and dreams, seeking out mentors, generating ideas from your passion, being all you can be as you wait for a promotion. There is no better way to prepare yourself for the job market than to be a Self Executive Officer.
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