Monday, October 28, 2013

But Am I in God's Will?

Thoughts about God giving you Confirmation before you get started:

Few months ago, I was engaged in a serioiusly heated 'discussion' on Facebook...and shame on me, it was on someone else's profile. The 'discussion' was really about this notion that some people have that God created one particular person for me to be married to...a soul-mate.

Much as I strongly disputed that way of thinking, I am sure that I was not able to convince the people on the 'other side' of the discussion. 

"This is the way, walk in it"

Most spiritual people would really love to be 'in the will of God'. I guess that is correct and it should be encouraged. However, a great number of people are honestly taking this to another extreme.

  • As much as some would pray and fast for days on end for God to 'confirm' if so and so should be their spouse, I am of the view that God has already wired me in a particular way. That is why I find myself drawn to ladies who are petit...and seldom the other type (oops). My point here is that God has already equipped us with so much that we can use to do our own 'vetting'.

  • Some people would seek God to confirm 'if I should take the job or not'...and I am thinking that I need to get an income and feed myself and family. (God said that man must work in order to eat). My point here is that if you are jobless and there is an opportunity to work and earn something...just take the offer!

  • Some people would seek God to confirm if they should take a particular journey, make a particular investment, take their kids to a certain school, befriend a certain couple, buy a particular make of a vehicle, join the gymn (am running out of examples here)...and so on.
I honestly tend to think that it is very easy to get stuck 'waiting on God' while God has already done and said everything there is about a situation. 

I also tend to seriously think that for mega stuff like delivering a nation (if you are Moses, David, Samson etc), one needs a clear word from God. But when it comes to our daily living, creating legacies, making a difference, maximizing our times, talents and gifts, I honestly believe you do not need to hear a voice from heaven instructing you to do these kind of stuff. 
  • I did not hear God's voice saying, "My son, write this blog...give it this name....." yet many people have been blessed by it.
  • I did not hear God's voice saying, "Lawrence, sit down and write a book about Parenting and the present education system", yet I did.
  • I did not hear God's voice saying, "Lawrence, please step up and inspire my people on radio at five in the morning", yet I did that some time back and people were blessed (at least they keep telling me)
  • I did not hear God's voice saying, "Lawrence, now it is time for you to write another book about Turning Setbacks into Comebacks"...but I did, and it has blessed me before I release it to the public.
We cannot vacillate over making important decisions and taking necessary needed action because we are waiting for God to confirm whether we are in his will or not. I tend to think that inside your heart, you have a conscience that will cleary indicate to you about the validity of the path you are taking.

That is not to say that God does not speak and God does not answer prayers. That is also not to say that we should not run our plans by God for approval. 

It is just to say that God gave you and me a brain, a heart, hands, feet, a will, a mind and emotions to work things out. So this article is not in anyway the beginning of advocating for 'no use of God'.

  • It comes deep down your gut and you are thoroughly passionate about it,
  • It does not hurt other people in that it is fair to all involved,
  • It calls you to action,
  • You have the necessary resources at your disposal to do it,
  • You can clearly see the next step,
  • You are absolutely sure about the timing,
  • You feel in your spirit strongly about it...
  • It does not contradict the written Word of God

Get going! Take action. Do it! Pray as you do it. Stop sitting there waiting for 'confirmation'. 

However, if:

  • You are unsure about it,
  • You feel a dissonance in your spirit about it,
  • It is not clearly supported neither is it clearly disputed in scripture,
  • You are unsure about the timing,
  • You feel thorougly inadequate to implement it,
  • It feels so unreasonable,
  • You are restless about it....

By all means, take some time and pray. Take some time and get Godly counsel. Take some time and search the scriptures. Take some time and fast.

Make no mistake about it, being in God's will is paramountly important...but we cannot use it as an excuse to waste time doing nothing!


  1. Great post Lawrence, and I agree with you so much. People often wait for God to spell out His will/purpose in some mysterious or exuberant way (in the clouds; audible voice, etc.). But it's often right in front of us (or within us). I love what you said: "My point here is that God has already equipped us with so much that we can use to do our own 'vetting'." Thanks for this great reminder.

  2. Dave, great to have you stop by...and great to have you approve this post (am also glad I did not wait for God to confirm that it is the correct article to post)...I honestly thought that the article was abit controversial...but I am glad that your comments are encouraging. Bless your sir!

  3. If we wait for writing on the wall we may never take action. Having this type of "faith" makes it easy for us to be lazy in doing the work of God.
    Good advice, I agree with you. God puts passions in us and sometimes we just have to go with it.

  4. ha i remember the heated debate! :) You were on point always...our job sometimes is to just plant the seed : ) (tho i am sure the person on the other end was hoping to plant a seed as well hehehe)

    Agree with you thoughts here as always.. i love how you've broken it down.

    Honestly i am one of those that blazes ahead speedily and then pauses, wondering if God is still with me on some of my endeavors. You kno sometimes i just want to hear the voice of God saying certain things!

    But like you've said my confirmation does often times come through others...just hearing the feedback and the difference He's making through me makes makes me know that He's with me..helps me keep on keeping on!

  5. That's true TC. Reminds me of this: Faith without action is dead! Thanks for stopping by. Blessings.


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