Thursday, August 29, 2013


Few weeks back, the world was awash with news that the Royal Family in England had welcomed their newest royal baby. One would argue that the only thing that baby needs to be successful is to be born. On the same day that that baby was born, several others around the world also made entry into our total obscurity...well at least to the world media.

My question would be: Is there any major difference in terms of success between the royal birth and common birth? 

Well...isn't it obvious? The word here is guarantee. The royal child is guaranteed success because of the environment in which he will operate. Chances are that he might easily do well than the kids of common birth.

A gift to the world, born to succeed!
Yet that does not mean that other kids will not succeed at all. There are many common births that have registered unrivaled success, even much more than royal births. 

Sometimes, no...all the time, the thing that you need to succeed is a genealogy...son of or daughter of. In other words, what you need to succeed is to be born...guess where? In the human race!

That's it. All human beings, both low born or high born exist not to fail...but to conquer failure and succeed.

The madman on the streets,
The starving child in Ethiopia,
The barefooted child in Somalia,
The royal child,
The gifted,
The talented,
The skilled,
All those born of man are born to succeed. That's just it. The opposite just beats logic. Everything in nature is meant to thrive...and that's another fact.

What we do with this truth is what matters. Knowing this truth and walking in this truth is what creates a heaven and earth difference between the 7 billion people on earth, not where they were born.

True isn't it?

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