Monday, March 4, 2013


Waiting is never a place of power. So why do we wait so much? Why do we wait to get happy? Wait to get married? Wait to become rich? Wait to propose? Wait to get a job? (the biggest of all killers)
It does not matter how super-spiritual you could be. It does not matter how scriptural you are. If you subscribe to the 'waiting' mantra you are draining yourself of power. Period!
No city was built on waiting for good weather.
No marriage lasted on waiting for feelings to ignite romance
No Cell phone was innovated while waiting
No job was created while waiting
OK, let me explain.
As much as there is the good side of waiting (which I might explain later), we normally miss out on many things because of the waiting.
Waiting makes you powerless.
Waiting kills you softly...but fatally
Waiting incapacitates you
Waiting is never fun
Waiting deceives you that you have no permission
Let me explain again...with a story.
I have been writing long on this subject using my character called Ben a stuck executive. Ben has suffered several rejections in his life and at this moment in time, his confidence is an all time low. So he sits in his house waiting for the phone to ring...waiting for a miracle.
His wife gets tired of him and finally demands that he gets out of the house and do something for himself. Ben knows and is even embarrassed of how much he had been hoodwinked by the doctrine of waiting.
The waiting doctrine says that if you are good enough, and pray hard enough, the Divine will perform a miracle for you. Nothing could be further from the truth!
So Ben swings into action and starts doing things revolving around his passion. He starts hanging around people who are working and can allow him space in their offices....acquaintances and friends.
He has a daily routine that he firmly and religiously follows and tracks. So one day, a former colleague seeks his input. Her new company needs Ben's expertise which he so gladly provides.  Ben of course asks to be paid like any consultant should. They agree that once he submits his work, he would be paid pronto.
Ben does exactly that...and then lo and behold...she goes silent on him. He cannot find her on phone. What does he do then?
You guessed it! He sits and waits...waits for his phone to ring. Waits for one more hour to check and see if she was available.
In the meantime, Ben is restless and can do nothing. His routine is interrupted. He cant work on his daily schedule any more. He is effectively...unproductive...because he is waiting!
The online dictionary defines waiting thus: remaining inactive in one place while expecting something; the period of remaining inactive or stationary.
The issue here is control: Ben would rather work on what he has control over than sit and wait and hope...and pray. If he cannot find her on phone, there are two options:
  • Choose to do something that he has control over right now
  • Look for his friend at the office. Forget the shame and the embarrassment of appearing desperate. Life is at stake here.
Option 2 is exactly what Ben took...located his friend's new office. Found directions to where she was. It turns out that there was a phone network problem. She was more than willing to pay him.
The bad news is that Ben had wasted nearlly the whole day agonising, hoping, wishing and praying. All those are actions that rob you of power. Waiting is an emotion waster! Waiting transfers power from you.
You are depressed because you are not in lack power.
Waiting should be done passively...that means that you are engaged in something that you have control over and leave what you are not in control over to its own forces. Waiting can be so subtle.
How many are waiting to get married?
How many are waiting to get jobs?
How many are wating to write books?
How many are waiting to make that proposal?
Waiting is a Killer! I kid you not! It is such a silent serial and mass killer than HIV aids.
This, I strongly believe finally explains what Dr. Myles Munroe says: "The richest place on earth is the graveyard"
Stop waiting. Pray and act. Jesus did the same to raise Lazarus from the grave!

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