Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 “What on earth would man do with himself if something didn’t stand in the way?” ~
H. G. Wells

There is no doubt that we all face disappointments at various levels in our lives. It would be naive of me to suggest that there is a foolproof cure for disappointments...yet I know that if I had the formula to circumnavigate them, my phone would be buzzing off the hook. I kid you not.

One of the people that I know would never bother to call me up for the formula of avoiding disappointments include Mike Murdock, Bill Gates, Peter J Daniels, Steve Jobs (if he was alive), Uhuru Kenyatta and yes...Raila Odinga...and well, Jack Bauer.

Why? Simple. All these great visionaries and many more others know the importance of uncertainty in life. They know that planning is indispensable...yet not all plans will go according to the book. I heard Peter J Daniels (a self schooled Billionaire) say yesterday, "Make a decision and move on...you can always change it...it is better to have a decision than have none".

See what I mean?

Anyway...the crux of this post is about anticipation. Let me say this...life does not offer us one outcome on all expectations.
That little statement is extremely critical. Scores of people have been disillusioned, disappointed and left stuck for great seasons of time because they do not appreciate that statement. Let me say it again: life does not offer us one possible outcome on all of our expectations.

This can easily be controversial especially in the Christian circles, since it kind of suggests that it is useless to have faith. Yet very many Christians have been single-minded in having faith in one thing...so much so that they never dared to consider or better still to clarify the all rounded gist of the outcomes of their expectations.

Can I give you the life Signature's definition of 'Wealthy'? Here it is: Being wealthy is simply having a luxury of options. And here is the thing...the more we stay unplanned on our alternative outcomes,  the more we deny ourselves of the necessary options that will keep us on our feet. I think successful people constantly avail themselves options even in their single minded pursuit of their main life goal.
My advice today is simple. We need not just to talk about it...we need to really have a well documented 'Plan B'. No kidding! If you are expecting something...it is very easy to go sleep and become complacent...and PLAN ONLY in one direction of your expectation.

This is wrong. For the sake of managing disappointments and really moving on in life with great resilience it is important that we come face to face with the very opposite of what we expect. 

It is important that we analyze it thoroughly:
  1. How will it affect you?
  2. Who else in your life will be affected?
  3. What projects will be affected?
  4. How will your vision be affected?
  5. How will my non-negotiables be affected?
  6. How will my daily projected routine be affected?
  7. What are the options that you have in case your expectation did not materialize?
  8. When can you get started on these options?

These are critical questions to ask and not just ask, but also have the documented answers to them.

It is normally said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Let me say that only having plan A is a recipe for disappointment.

So you expected a breakthrough in one thing...you waited for it and it never materialized...what if you did not have a plan B...and all you had is faith?

Here is what will happen to you.

  1. You will probably be thoroughly disappointed.
  2. You will probably be pretty much derailed...
  3. You will probably lose direction
  4. You will probably lose time
  5. You will probably lose motivation and inspiration
  6. You will start looking down on yourself..counting your losses instead of your blessings

However, if you had a Plan B in place...

  1. You will mentally acknowledge a disappointment and at the earliest opportunity, navigate away from it.
  2. You will stay an action oriented person
  3. Your life will not come to a stand still
  4. You will build lots of resilience in your life
  5. You will effectively be fully in charge of your life
  6. You will be able to take back your life after giving it away to an expectation.

Brothers and sisters....do you have a PLAN B? If not...you really need to have one...especially most of you who have expectations in the immediate or near future.

Does this make sense to anybody?

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