Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Here is the thing...everyone born of a woman, starting from Jesus Christ to the Queen of England, from Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama was once obscure. You might be saying...well...Jesus Christ was not obscure...but you might be wrong. It would not need a front runner to point Him out of a whole crowd of people if He were as prominent as you think. The very Son of God was also obscure at the beginning of His ministry!

Life Signatures has been read by thousands of people all over this world...but guess what? Three years ago, Life Signatures was a mere random thought...obscure at its best! One can still argue (and indeed I am arguing) that Life Signatures still is thoroughly obscure in relation to the vision that I have.

The funny thing is that many people would like to put off that garment of obscurity like some flee-infested garment. It is a matter of perception. Of course people would tell you that being obscure is not such a good thing.

The result? Many people are shouting/ touting themselves to prominence without savoring the fruits of being obscure. Many more never leverage their obscurity, but spend the precious opportunity scheming for a way out...as fast as possible, seeking prominence.

For the sake of this blog, prominence can be taken to mean the moment you ascend to your own platform to be recognized by others. It could mean attaining a goal...like finally being married. Yet the best way to stay prominent is through the darkroom of obscurity.

Sounds paradoxical right? Let me explain:

  1. Obscurity is Nature's way to shield you from falling long before you can Master Walking: It is what you do while obscure that will most certainly count when you get your moment of prominence. This effectively means that we should love obscurity much like we love the shade of a tree that shields us from the hot sun. Here is the thing though..we should know deep inside our hearts that  being obscure is a temporary phase...of which we are in control of the exit door. 
  2. Obscurity is an Opportunity to explore your Potential: You have absolutely no idea what pressure you would be under when prominent. People think that when they have ascended their thrones, that is when they will be able to explore their potentials...that's hogwash. When nobody is recording....no cameras are rolling...that is when you can explore your full potential without any form of pressure. You can't practise giving a good speech when you have just been elected can you? You do it in obscurity. Embrace obscurity at all costs...but realize that it is for a temporary season of which you are in control of the escape door.
  3. Obscurity is the Dark Room to Develop your Beauty: For good measure, obscurity can be a painful phase in someone's life. When you are a bride's maid instead of the bride, when you are an assistant for years instead of the C.E.O, when you are bypassed for that promotion....when you lose that job, when you get dumped by your fiance, when you are thrown out of the house of not being able to settle the bills...it is a dark room. However, this dark room is absolutely necessary for any life signature worth its salt. You need this, believe me you do. Nelson Mandela had is 27 years in prison. The Prince of Egypt had his 40 years. The Prime Minister of Egypt (Joseph) had his half youth years in Slavery...and then in prison while in Slavery. Most certainly, Lawrence Namale has had his time in obscurity too...like those years he went barefoot in the village not even thinking he would ever go past visiting his mother's home...Our beauty and depth of our platforms is developed strong in obscurity!
Obscurity is not necessarily bad....

A great mango tree was once an obscure seed...look at your obscurity season as a seed rather than an eternal season of harvest

Anybody want prominence? Try obscurity...you will get there!

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